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Neko-mushroom by Takeuchi Takashi
Neko-Arc morphed into a bizarre mushroom-looking figure.
Relaxing while taking a smoke; a small, hatefully yet loveable, odd living being.


  1. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Mother of God.
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Saddened that they went with "Neko-Kinoko" instead of the obvious word pun "Kineko."
  3. Crown's Avatar
    There were more of them but I'm too lazy to translate. The rest are not by Takeuchi though.
  4. Milbunk's Avatar
    This is obviously what happens when Nasu goes super-saiyan.
  5. aldeayeah's Avatar
    when he goes SSJ3, the ear hair reaches the floor
  6. Ratman's Avatar
    What has science done?
  7. Crown's Avatar
    I-I think it looks cute.
  8. LJ3's Avatar