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So, there was a Nero Saber that was actually as short as she's supposed to be

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Sakura Con is done, and so am I. I dunno when I'll get pictures in. I'm so goddamn tired.

Day 1

I spent too much money.

As expected, Shingeki no Scissor Art Online: Labyrinth of Danganronpa was all the rage cosplaying-wise. Nudist Kirito, Trap Kirigiri, Alliance of the Seven Scouting Legions...wait, I think I'm mixing things up. Anyway. Favorite of day 1 was probably a pair of Rayearth characters for the level they did their outfits and makeup and props, and a parent dressed and messy haired like Mori pushing around a cart with his infant child dressed as Honey from Ouran.

Sara stabbed me with her scissor blade for all the Broncos vs Seahawks jokes I kept making at her expense. I can't help it. It's involuntary. Like Manning interceptions.

No news from Aniplex whether they'll be bringing Mirai Fukuin over stateside. They "announced" SAO2 in July, but anyone paying attention to Japanese conventions and announcements already knew that. They're holding an open audition at AX this year for dub roles in Magi: Kingdom of Magic.

Elisa's autograph get. I usually don't get tongue-tied over celebrity, but when I got up to her all I could say was エブリエント・フューチャーはとっても美しい like a total moron because she is so adorable.

Day 2

I spent too much money.

A full team of Sailor Scouts, from Mercury to Pluto, all of which even had their relative heights about right. Kinda freaky, actually. There was a SnK and KLK photoshoot that I dropped in on completely by accident because they were right near the closest entrance my hotel has to the convention center. Sara was there as Satsuki and Imran was taking pictures, so hopefully will have some of the KLK stuff to show soon. There was also a team of Gaim Beat Riders, which totally made my day. Ran into a couple as Tagaki and Kaya from Bakuman. that really looked the part, a guy in a Hyaku-Shiki suit that had to be carted around by a team that had "Psycho-Frame Mechanic" printed on their jackets, a group of about nine Radiant Dawn party members, a main three + Ryuuguu Komachi + Producer wearing a P for a head from [email protected], quite possibly the best King Thranduil that you can do in cosplay, and yeah, a Nero Saber that was probably just shy of 150 cm.

I mostly wandered day two until later in the afternoon. I got Mami Koyama to sign my copy of Millennium Actress in an autograph line that was depressingly short: it took me about ten minutes to go through, whereas Todd Haberkorn's line was the longest voice actor line I've seen yet to grace Sakura Con after multiple years at this and then it was joined side-by-side with an equally-long SnK line for Mikasa's seiyuu and the producers.

Elisa's concert was the best yet. Doubly so if you have working Japanese, because she is so adorable as she tries to explain things in English and then gets flustered and reverts back to Japanese when she realizes it sounds wrong ("You know me from...anime music, right? But I'm jealous. I don't know you. BUT...that's OKAY. ...違う違う違う、ええと...") She performed ef's ebullient future and euphoric field, Valvrave's Realism, Mahouka's Millenario, and then did an a capella version of the Princess Mononoke song (which was goosebump-level epic), along with a medley of some of her original songs. Her "encore" was not really an encore, she said euphoric field would be her last song, then immediately after finishing said she lied, got the crowd to shout "encore," then walked out of spotlight about five feet then ran back in like she was surprising us with an encore. So. Adorable.

Cosplay Chess this year was kind of lame. You apparently had to be a Supernatural fan to get a lot of the jokes, as one of the Kings and two members of his team were from that show. My favorite was a Yuno and Yuki pair that at one point won their fight as Yuno put a bag down and started tossing out various weapons left and right. There was also a fairly funny Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking that did things completely in-character when nobody was watching them just because. I kept thinking that if I volunteered for a game like I've considered before, that I'd drag Sara along as Saber and then, while sitting on the sidelines waiting for other matches to go on, to pull out a rice cooker and feed her.

Day 3

I spent too much money.

Master Chief with bunny ears. Darth Malgus. An actual male Black Butler cosplayer.

AMV contest winner was as expected, it got like four awards because yeah. I saw it before the con and thought it was perfect.

Will try to find other stuff as it comes up, as well as a swag report and the contest prizes. But I le tired. Have video until then.

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  1. Strange_One's Avatar
    Do you have pictures of your sightings? =.=

    But then I'm also suffering from my trip and no managing to do much days after. heh.
  2. Break's Avatar
    Okay im seriously jealous of how much better the standard in american cons are. The last time i went as Accelerator to the Dokomi, only like five people knew him...

    Also do you know where to find that Nero? I really wanna take her home...

    Is a male Kuroshitsuji cosplayer really that unusual? Ive been cosplaying Sebastian since like 2010...
  3. Gaia's Avatar
    So, did you spend too much money?
  4. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hen_Ichi
    Do you have pictures of your sightings? =.=
    I actually don't take pictures. I have people complain about it to me, but 1) I usually hang around photographers that do it for me, and 2) I prefer to experience things and remember them naturally rather than keep having to look through a lens. It's the writer in me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Break
    Also do you know where to find that Nero? I really wanna take her home...
    Yes, because I know all 25,000 people that pass through the doors of the convention.

    Is a male Kuroshitsuji cosplayer really that unusual? Ive been cosplaying Sebastian since like 2010...
    First male Sebastian and Undertaker I've seen locally in the five years since the anime exploded the fanbase.
  5. Break's Avatar
    Well if i was in your shoes, i wouldve talked to her; after all, how often do you find another Neromaniac? And then one that looks like her no less!

    Well ive been doing Sebastian for a long time, but i guess your right, most kuroshitsuji cosplayers are female. Though there is a fair amount of male Grells still.
  6. Strange_One's Avatar
  7. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Nero Saber is fairly common. Just not one that's short. There were at least two others this year. More previous years.
  8. Break's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart
    Nero Saber is fairly common. Just not one that's short. There were at least two others this year. More previous years.
    Are you serious? Im SO jealous of you 'murricans right now
  9. Megas's Avatar
    I wish the cons I went to had a lot of Nero Sabers.

    I've yet to see one.

    I must have terrible luck
  10. Break's Avatar
    my brother, let us be jealous of them together.
  11. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Typically they're taller. 2:03

    No, Break, what should really get your gall is Archer Illya. Strawberry Censor Cosplay was present at Sakura Con.

  12. Strange_One's Avatar

    Also. Taking matters into my own hands.

    I found chibi Nero

    d - does this make me a stalker? o O;
  13. Break's Avatar
    @Henichi it makes you my hero, at least.

    @Arashi they both get me. I actually like Illya and Nero about the same
  14. Strange_One's Avatar
    Hmph. Great cosplays are so rare in generel :<


    Can you just imagine her UMU?
  15. Break's Avatar
    goddammnit man
  16. Neir's Avatar
    cons must be fucking exhausting
  17. Strange_One's Avatar
    nt rly.

    But then I don't do much at cons and Britainland cons are kinda lame :/

    UMU UMU!
  18. Break's Avatar
    ^^depends on how big the con is
  19. I3uster's Avatar
    There was even a Nero!Saber and Caster!Tamamo at my local Austrian con, I was pretty surprised. Didn't think people outside of the hardest of hardcore TM circles know of EXTRA.
  20. Break's Avatar
    are you fucking kidding me Luster.
    Okay! Ive decided, im gonna go on a Nerohunt on the next bigger con i get to!
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