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Type Moon-centric, swag, and next year

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On the cosplay comments in the last entry: There was a Casko last year, but none this year that I saw. Nero is maybe 1 for every 5 Sabers that I usually see. And I saw a good dozen Sabers this year. Six or seven in armor, two plainclothes--one of which had the penguin shaved ice thing, a Lily, Alter in her plainclothes, the two or three Nero Sabers, and a Proto Saber. Three different Archers, an Iri, Archer Illya, a Iskandar (there might have been two, I saw two but couldn't tell if it was the same one), and a Kiritsugu. I expect FSN to be the rage next year since we'll be at the tail end of it airing if they do indeed start in Fall. No Rakkyo, Tsuki, or other Nasuverse outfits that I saw.

I'll probably even do a Nasuverse panel next year to try and garner more Fate attention...good god they usually try to get popular series guests in, like how they had Uro for the F/Z and Madoka stuff going on two years ago, if they did it for FSN and got Kawasumi or Ueda or such I think I'll die of fanboygasm. Anyway, I was thinking I'd do something like a history of the Nasuverse panel because I got to talking about that with some people in line for autographs ("They're remaking the Tsukihime visual novel? Hell yeah!" "Just don't hold your breath on waiting for it.") and thought that there might be interest in trying to straighten out what all is out there and make sure people know F/SN is not the sequel to F/Z.

My signed copy of Millennium Actress by Mami Koyama (voice of middle-aged Chiyoko) and soba ni iru yo/I'll be by your side by Elisa.

Really, I shouldn't have bought the Rin figma, but it was entirely too cheap because the box was damaged. The chibis are Rider, Saber, and Kiritsugu.

And for the contest, I have two things.


A Shiki "grail."

I'll talk about the contest later at some point.
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  1. Vagrant's Avatar
    Hah, I ran a History of Type Moon panel at a con about 2 months ago, ended up getting a pretty good crowd in and it got a good reception. I think it's worth doing, I got at least 20 people (out of probably 100ish) come up to me after it at various points to ask how I would personally recommend they get into it or whatnot, so yay benefits.

    Actually, I think Blue might have gone along to watch it. I know Ford did. Might have had the site's entire Tasmanian crew at that panel.
    Updated April 22nd, 2014 at 03:05 AM by Vagrant
  2. Vagrant's Avatar
    Oh yeah, if you do then you should film it or at least put up a slides/transcript here for others to read. I plan to at some point when my friends get around to uploading their video footage.

    I'm sure it will be cringeworthy.
    Updated April 22nd, 2014 at 03:03 AM by Vagrant