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The stuff where I put more stuff in

Dear ratsrub

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Your visitor wall is the most beautiful story of unrequited love this forum has produced yet.


  1. Vigilantia's Avatar
    Buster just jelly of Rats-sempai's wall. doki doki kawaii desu uguu sama Ohio.
  2. Daiki's Avatar
  3. Nihilm's Avatar
    starburst's wall is pretty amazing
  4. Ratman's Avatar
    That's got to be incredibly annoying.

    I bet he just doesn't click the Notifications bar at this point, to see how high it can get.
  5. Huitante's Avatar
    So emotional.
    I wish this forum allowed to add friends by force, like on deviantart.
  6. Petrikow's Avatar
  7. Satehi's Avatar
    oh my goooood what is that
  8. SeiKeo's Avatar
    This is gonna be all screwed up once Spin or Petri changes avatars.