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Qualified teams for the MELTY BLOOD Transcendental Orchestra

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Fourteen out of sixteen spots for the MELTY BLOOD Transcendental Orchestra, the MBCC 1.07 major championship of now, are already fulfilled, and the two last ones will be decided on the very event day. So, it's the right time to take a good look on everything that went on so far and tighten the belts for the decisive event.

Below you can check on all the qualified teams so far as well as eventual videos.

Date: february 22
Gamecenter: Big One 2nd
Team: Evil Mokkosu's Fury
Players: on left, Shishido (Seifuku Akiha); on center, Uru (Nanaya); on right, Kame (Mech-Hisui).
Videos: 1.

Date: february 22
Gamecenter: Athena Nihonbashi
Team: Inochenti
Players: crouching, Chen (Aoko); on left, Ino (Akiha); on right, Tsa (Satsuki).
Videos: 1, 2, 3.

Date: march, 1st
Gamecenter: Mikado
Team: Banjo & Kazooe
Players: crouching, Hirohiro (White Len); on left, Kouki (Arcueid); on right, Akaren (V.Akiha).
Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Date: march 2
Gamecenter: Maxim Hero
Team: DSK stress
Players: on left, Seto (White Len); on center, Ken (Ciel); on right, DSK24 (Arcueid).
Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Date: march 2
Gamecenter: Maxim Hero
Team: Dried Fish Imouto! Umaru-chan now on stores
Players: on left, R-Ly (Hisui); on center, Mania (Len), on right, Motomachi (Mech-Hisui).
Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Date: march 15
Gamecenter: Gamefuji Ichikawa
Team: Melty Blood Troublesome Elders (Uncensored)
Players: on left, Hare (Satsuki); on center, BaTsister (Akiha), on right, Garu (Kohaku).
Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Date: march 15
Gamecenter: Ikusa
Team: Dorasuke Master ~ on the other side of the screen
Players: on left, Mori (Aoko); on center, Dorango (Walachia); on right, KKT (Akiha).
Videos: 1, 2, 3.

Date: 15 de março
Gamecenter: Sucess
Team: Pink Yuu Star Quality
Players: on left, Akaboshi (Satsuki); on center, Rakuchan (Len); on right, Yuu (Sion).
Videos: 1.

Date: march 15
Gamecenter: Sucess
Team: Jupiter
Players: on left, Saba (Ciel); on center, Aware (Hisui); on right, Ari (Kouma).
Videos: 1, 2.

Date: march 16
Gamecenter: a-cho
Team: Musou Tensei
Players: on left, Ragu (Walachia); on center, Yomi (Sion); on right, Kou (Seifuku Akiha).
Videos: no videos.

Date: march 29
Gamecenter: Minami Uwara
Team: The dream that will end one day
Players: on left, Toriniku (C Riesbyfe); on center, Waka (Hisui); on right, MaSa (Red Arcueid).
Videos: 1.

Date: march 29
Gamecenter: Athena Nihonbashi
Team: Team Satisfaction
Players: on left, J.Anson (Roa); on center, Namiyan (Ryougi); on right, Tomo (Shiki).
Videos: no videos.

Date: april 19
Gamecenter: a-cho
Team: ??
Players: AOI (Hime Arcueid); Kuga (V.Akiha); Hikonyan (C Roa).
Videos: 1.
Image: probably soon on this link!untitled/c12cy

Date: april 26
Gamecenter: Big One 2nd
Team: ??
Players: Domuun (Ciel); Yoshino (Kouma); Taa (F Len).
Videos: 1 (stream archive).
Image: probably soon on this link!untitled/c12cy

For a simpler look:

Character usage:
Akiha - 3
Ciel - 3
Hisui - 3
Len - 3
Satsuki - 3
Aoko - 2
Arcueid - 2
Kouma - 2
Mech - 2
Roa - 2
Seifuku - 2
Sion - 2
V.Akiha - 2
Walachia - 2
White Len - 2
Hime Arcueid - 1
Kohaku - 1
Nanaya - 1
Riesbyfe - 1
Ryougi - 1
Shiki - 1
Red Arcueid - 1
Miyako - 0
V.Sion - 0
Maids - 0
P.Ciel - 0
Nero - 0

For more info, check the event's official site.

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  1. Ratman's Avatar
    One Kohaku and no VSion and three Sacchins and Lens?

    It's a very interesting spread, but what the hell happened to tiers? Did Kohaku and VSion get nerfed into oblivion, or is it just that they got played so much everybody can read them easily now?
  2. Cristu's Avatar
    People though V.Sion were really strong at the beginning, but she turned out to be low tier when people learned more about the game. Kohaku is still high tier, but she's too hard for anyone to play properly but Ieda, so there's no strong enough Kohakus.