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Top Secret Files of a Mental Fugitive, Exposed

Transmission #22: Fast Food Love

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Okay, it has been another good while since I have made another entry and I had a lot of ideas for my blog during my not-writing-blog-entries period, but many of them were lost. Well, some, like my planned review of the VN "Shuffle!", was never carried out because of reason, like me not wanting to carry on playing the after-mentioned VN since I thought it was a bit too repetitive and I didn't want to play Lisianthus' route. I thought she was so bland as a heroine. I haven't read Nerine's and Primula's respective routes yet, but I didn't want to break my planned order of who goes first or who goes next. But maybe, just maybe, I'll continue playing some time and give a full review on my blog. That is, if nothing else comes us along.

So instead, let me talk about one of the things that I've considered as a luxury in my life: eating at restaurants. Specifically, fast food outlets. If anything else, I spend most of my money eating on various fast food outlets. I've opted to do that with my money because I don't have that much that I can buy things like figs, CDs or any other miscellaneous shit and not feel guilty about it. In fact, I have a hard time finding employment right now and even I do have a job, I don't think I have the luxury of spending my salary on something I want when I have a greater focus on my mind.

But back to the topic at hand. To simply put it, I love eating at fast food outlets. Yeah, yeah, maybe some of you might groan at the suggestion already and might even call me a fat-ass. I will admit to becoming a fat-ass NEET, if it wasn't for the fact that the surgery I had a few years ago took away many parts of my large intestine and, as a result, my doctor told me that I don't to absorb the nutrients and fats of whatever I ate that much and now, I have the figure of a drawn stick person. So you can consider me a fat-ass at heart, trapped inside a thin guy's body. But one good side effect of this is that I get to eat everything I want without any worry of me getting large.

And if you ask me what my favorite fast food franchise is, it would be the ever omnipresent McDonald's. Yeah, more groans I hear from you people. But see, perhaps I prefer McDonald's from any other fast food simply because of three items: Their cheeseburgers, their french fries and their chicken fillet with rice. I heard that it is only here in the Philippine Islands that Mickey D's serve chicken and rice with gravy, but I could be wrong. And perhaps, maybe I prefer McDonald's because of it's location, but there is a KFC and two other local fast food branches nearer to my house, so that might not be the case. But to tell you more of what I think of the items of their menu, let's start with their burgers. I feel like the Big Mac was too expensive and overrated compared to the Quarter Pounder and the Big and Tasty, but maybe because I like cheeseburgers in general, barring the idea that the Big Mac has cheese in it. I think it just doesn't have enough cheese. And for this reason, I objectively think that Burger King lives up to its name and is better at burgers in general than McDonald's. But since BK is infinitely further away from my home than McDo, I usually just stick with the latter.

And speaking of Burger King, I already mentioned my opinion on their burgers. And they have everything that appeals to my half-Filipino, half-American taste. They have fries (Not as good as McDo, though.), they have onion rings, sundaes, good selection of burgers, chicken fillet with rice, apple juice and other goodies. The only thing that I want them to have is a fish burger, which McDo has. But that doesn't matter as Fillet O' Fish isn't that good, so I'll just cross my fingers and bet that BK will soon get on the case. But don't consider this as my full and absolute opinion as I haven't eaten enough at this franchise to try enough of their items to decisively make one.

Next stop, the most well-know Filipino fast food outlet in the US and perhaps in the whole world: Jollibee. While I definitely think that it isn't as good as any other international fast food, they do have a few things up their sleeves, like the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ (Champ is what they named their "ultimate burger", much like McDo's Big Mac or BK's Whopper.), Garlic Pepper Beef, Shanghai Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce and, most of all, a FUCKING HOTDOG SANDWICH. (Fuck you, Ray Croc. If you just knew how every food not in the produce section is made in the modern world, you wouldn't be complaining about hotdogs. If you still do after that, stop eating something you didn't cook from raw ingredients. Even then, fresh produce is dubious now, so stop eating something you didn't farm yourself.) But anyway, Jollibee, aside from after mentioned items, is still a copy-cat of most fast food outlets. And oh, they had an Aloha Burger once. Yes, I mean a burger that includes a Pineapple slice. But they just brought it back right now.

How about KFC? Yeah, the first fast food I've eaten after the intestinal surgery. Fond memories. To be honest, Colonel Sanders said that their top-secret blend of eleven herbs and spices for their breading has already been made inferior by the company and it does show in the taste, which makes me wonder now how it used to taste like when Colonel Sanders owned KFC. He also said that the gravy has also been compromised, which earned him a libel lawsuit from the company. To be fair, I know a Facebook Fan Page for KFC Gravy and it has a somewhat decent amount of likes, but I have to say myself that the Original Recipe is now nothing special at best and unappealing at worst, so order the Spicy Chicken instead. (I suspect that the Spicy version is actually the Original Recipe.) But despite my opinions on their signature fried chicken, I don't despair since they still do have Chicken Wraps, Rice Bowls, Supreme Bowls, Salads and other niceties that everybody can eat.

To finish this ramble about fast food, let us have a few honorable mentions, like Wendy's, which I have yet to try the Frosty and has perhaps the most unlikeable Chilli con Carne ever (Baconator is good, though.); Dairy Queen, which, despite being an ice cream franchise, their items are already sweet snacks by themselves; and Krispy Kreme, which had donuts good at first, but just plain later on (But compared to the others here, they are godly.). I have yet to try some more fast food outlets and I am planning to do so in the future, providing that they have an outlet near us.

But to do that, I have to prioritize greater things, like holding down a job. Or finishing "Shuffle!".

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