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I create a world of finite somethings

Man, I haven't even played that part of Extra, why does it set me off?

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So I was watching LPs for Extra and then had a late fast food meal last night, so of course strange dreams dominated my sleep. I mean, Taco Bell is perfect for making you wonder how messed up you are when you wake up the next day.

But in all of that, I sort of came up with the general idea for what I'd do if I had the time and patience to follow up on the things I set up in The Hearts of the Suffering. The end note to it came very very vividly despite the fact that I've only watched a bit of Nero's material from Extra. While I don't think I'm going to write it, especially as the scale is too big compared to what I'd really like to do once HotS is done--I really dislike doing big projects in a row, plus Arcadian Dreams is also looking like it might get big--I've kind of fallen in love with the concept.

I'm going to put some of the ideas down here, either to toss around if anyone feels bored enough to comment on them or to come back to later if I feel up to it. Or if someone wants to just steal it outright, I'd probably be fine with that if they can hold off until I'm at least mostly done with HotS.

Some spoilers for current ongoing stuff.

The Eternal Performance

Magi serving the Harwey family reform the remains of the Heaven’s Feel to form their own HGW—explicitly not for the purpose of reaching the Root, but to use the Servants to dominate in their behind-the-scenes battles and take control of the world. Using the remains of the Aylesbury Ritual site, they activate their Grail.

Hakuno is given a heads up by Julius, who is recalled now that his target, Shirou, is gone. He says that next time, they will be enemies, but there are hints that he has come to a new view of the world with the time he’s spent alongside them. Concerned with the dangers of Aylesbury and the HGW, Sion dispatches a homunculus alongside Hakuno to report in on the situation.

The Harweys use their Grail and summon the three Servants that the system supposedly can manage, but as the system was directly taken from the Fuyuki Greater Grail, like Apocrypha, it detects that the system will not be used correctly and dispatches a Ruler and three opposing Servants. Hakuno has no catalyst, but her thoughts go to the Servant Saber of the Fuyuki system and one that both fits her image and matches her personality is called as “Red Saber.”

As the Ruler dictates they do battle as per the rules of the system, Hakuno and Saber engage the Harweys while Hakuno begins to burn out—her illness, long kept at bay by a Mystic Code, now begins to overcome her magical defenses and starts to kill her. “Burning bright for an instant” Hakuno versus “stability over time” Leo. Julius caught in between what he feels he has to do and what he wants to do and what he thinks is the correct way. Almost ironically with Atlas supporting Hakuno and the Clock Tower supporting Leo (although in the background there should be implication that Waver, Luvia, Rin, and Sakura together have shifted some of the power balance there and there’s enough internal discord there that either the Association is going to splinter with a fourth faction or the current Clock Tower is evolving into something new).

Hakuno achieves what she wants—to make a difference and a mark on the world before she goes—and Saber, the last remaining Servant, is granted the wish from the broken system. Although it is incapable of replicating what Saber herself cannot comprehend, there is enough power there to fuel what Saber wishes for: the hall where she can eternally sing to her beloved Master as Hakuno finally gets her chance at rest.

yes it's like Sayaka getting to hear Kamijou play as she dies I only just realized that


  1. Laith's Avatar
    You could always do it like you did with the Alter Saber in Fate thing, just highlighting some stuff. I mean it's basically EXTRA but not on the moon
  2. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    So part of what you're saying is you'd be down for fanfiction of your fanfiction?
  3. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    lol, part of what I'm saying is I have actual ideas to keep going but no patience to do it, but I'd be willing to collaborate. I'm already doing fanfiction of fanfiction myself with Apoc stuff.
  4. Neir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername
    So part of what you're saying is you'd be down for fanfiction of your fanfiction?
  5. Imperial's Avatar
    Interesting pitch you've got here, Arashi

    I'm most curious to see who the other players might be, assuming your planning process got that far ahead. We know the Harweys, Hakuno and Red Saber are all players, but who is the Ruler, who are the other Servants, who are the other Masters?

    It doesn't much matter, I suppose. You or a proxy author could cook up some interesting possibilities, but I'm curious to see who you were going to set against or alongside Red Saber.