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Music (III): Final Fantasy.

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Before we start I have a confession to make. The only Main FF I have finished is XIII. I and II I have not played them. III I couldn't finish. IV was stopped when the party arrives to the moon. V is a curious case of playing but not remembering where I stopped. VI was on the reunion part of the World of Ruin. The only thing I have played of VII is Crisis Core. VIII has one of my favorite characters and yet I did not play it. IX seemed childish and fun. Shame I lacked a PS1. Couldn't get X. Hate playing MMORPGs so XI and XIV are out. And XII's middle act bored me to tears.

We cool? We cool. 'K then.

Final Fantasy General - Prelude. Dissidia Arrange.

The classic tune. Chose the Dissidia version because it's probably the only Dissidia song I'm linking. Maybe. All of them are great tho.

Final Fantasy I - Main Theme.

An upbeat song. What better way to begin your adventure than listening this song?

Final Fantasy II - Main Theme. Final Fantasy Pray Arrange.

Another relaxing piece, this time with vocals. The original is good and catchy but the pray version is more epic. If you have time, listen to the other pray songs.

Final Fantasy III - Battle I. Dissidia Duodecim Arrange.

God, this song is so good. Somber, giving that epic feel. A hint of rock here and there.

Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love. DS Arrange.

This song makes me cry. Every time, all the time. God it's so melancholic and sad and, and TT_TT (Takes a couple of seconds.)

al Fantasy V - Battle at the Big Bridge.

Gilgamesh theme. That's all. Enough expository banter. It's time we fight like men. And ladies. And ladies who dress like men. For Gilgamesh... IT'S MORPHING TIME!

Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme. Final Fantasy Pray Arrange

Instead of Aria di Mezzo Carattere, which is awesome, the relaxed and saddening pace of this song. But also hopeful. There's also the fact that it is Terra's theme, which is my favorite character from VI.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom.

...I love this song. It's depressing, it has a guitar, it plays as the last battle song, it's slow. This is probably the best song in the FF series.

Fantasy VIII - The Man with the Machine Gun.

Eeh, FFVIII OST doesn't click with me. This one is more thanks to Duodecim.

No FFIX 'cause again, nothing clicks.

Final Fantasy X - Seymour Battle.

Start a bit slow and goes fast from there. The fact that there is another instrument playing every part is a plus too.

FFXI and XIV won't have representation. Thanks.

Final Fantasy XII - Esper Battle

An epic song. It does give the idea that you are fighting something majestic and powerful. The rhythm, the instruments, the chorus.

Final Fantasy XII - Fang's Theme.

Upbeat, Epic and had piano. Also the theme of the best character.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Neo Bodhum & Neo Bodhum -Agressive Mix -

Love this song. ORIGA sings and the lyrics, while weird at times, are pretty good.

So I may have cheated a bit on some. Eeeh. Next music post should be a series where I have played all of the games and has two of the best Square Enix composers.


  1. Lycodrake's Avatar
    I've played most of them, or at least a good chunk of the main games. I'd have to say that FFV and FFIX are my favorites, with FFXII coming close behind, though for varying reasons. *shrugs*

    As for music, can't say that there's one game that I didn't the music of.
  2. Laith's Avatar
    I tried to like XII but, like 20 hours without plot? Hell no.

    Eh, as for the missing links, I would need to play the respective games. This is also why VII didn't get a mention and CC got it.
  3. Lycodrake's Avatar
    I liked XII a little bit, but FFV and FFIX are still my favorites. The gape between those two and XII is large, and I think filled by some of the spinoff series.
  4. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Let's see here...

    V, VI, IX in particular, with special mentions to VII and VIII.