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BLians, I like Mahjong.

BLians, I like Mahjong.

BLians, I love Mahjong.

I like bankruptcy by ron.

I like fast renchans.

I like baimans.

I like washouts in noten.

I like ron'ing the same player.

I like taking all of their ten at once.

I like taking apart my tenpai.

I like re-washing the tiles.

I like letting my win pass over.

Mahjong on tables, in old cafes,
in a dark room, in the park, on rainy days,
on sweaty days, on a boat, in a plane, on the road, on the internet.

I love every possible contrivance of mahjong that isn't solitaire.

I like direct hit yakumans,
after multiple quick hands crippling everyone else's efforts.

My heart leaps whenever someone yells "Bullshit!" because
of a few direct rons in a row on single waits.

I like it when dealer sanbaiman takes out someone's entire lot
during the east round.

It feels good whenever a loli looses another piece of clothing
from losing another consecutive hand.

I like it when multiple tenpais have been declared.

It plucks my heart strings to see new players
struggling to remember the difference between tanyao and pinfu.

The sight of flabbergasted naked loli whining for her rightfully stripped clothing
hanging just out of her reach is a pleasure I can not resist.

There is nothing better than asking players to recount their ten reserves,
and see their hope of winning the game drain from their faces.

When the fourth place player aims for a chinitsu or yakuman
only to deal into a haneman, I'm simply in ecstacy!

I like being aimed for by shimacha.

It's so sad to see my mangan cut short by another's victory,
especially when their hand is at or above baiman level.

I like dealing into a dealer baiman while struggling to make a trash hand.

Stuck in sanshanten while the others have declared riichi
is the purest and ultimate humiliation.

BLians, I want to play mahjong, a mahjong of legendary proportions.

Possible candidates for competition who I can teach.

What do you want?

Do you want more mahjong?

Do you want a game where even the best can be scraped by a beginner's luck?

A game where all levels of players have a chance of a violent upset?

A game that pumps your brain full of adrenaline without much moving?


I see. Then mahjong it is.

We are the walls of tiles about to be divided
for the greatest gambling game played for sport.

But after enduring countless rejections for similar games like poker or rummy
and being mistaken as something pointless like solitaire,
a simple, ordinary game is no longer sufficient for our thirst.

A massive game! A game long and hard enough to exhaust us all!

We are but a single BBS.

The remnants of fandom of something that refuses to give us our fiction.

However, I believe that each of you can promote
this glorious game to tens or hundreds of others.

Which means together, including myself,
we form a legion of strip mahjong enthusiasts.

Let us awaken those who deny the Tiles any light of day.

Let's show them the fun of these tiles,
even if we have to pester them for months or years.

Show them of what the greatest gambling game in Asia is really capable of.
Let them hear the soothing yet exciting sound of tiles being washed!

Show them that tenhou and chiihou are the least of their worries.

*It's the Internet! The series of tubes of the Internet!*

Our legion of Blians who are willing, are going
to bring back this glorious game.

We have been longing for communications like the internet.

We shall spearhead this revival of mahjong!

I promise you, you shall love mahjong!

*ZeX! Zero! MZeroX! mzEROx! Ero-sensei!*

At last, we have crawled from the depths of our lair
and are heading to the rest of the internet.

To all members of Beast's Lair!

This is an order from the former Supreme Lolicon Commander:

BLians. Show them the shame of a hell's wait.

Updated February 9th, 2012 at 06:11 PM by MZeroX



  1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Aww yeah, Zero in the house.
  2. Cruor's Avatar
    Too bad Tang is the only one who actually knows the rules here, amirite?
  3. MZeroX's Avatar

    lies! it only used to be true! I've roped in Marth, kentachi sorta knows, and the aekami-ran, while not that active on this forum, knows as well.
  4. Marth's Avatar
    +5 points for mahjong themed speech.

    -10 points for using such a well-known speech instead of making your own.

  5. MZeroX's Avatar
    I'm a philosopher and physicist (in training). It is impossible to use my own material. :D
  6. KENTA's Avatar