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Fujimura Taiga Photobombing

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Explain this fad to me.


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  1. bahamut zero's Avatar
  2. SINIB's Avatar
    Something something tobias something something
  3. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    It's not the first sign of Tobias's latest megalomaniacal grab for power over the innocent and helpless land of Beast's Lair.

    Nor is my current freedom from the burgeoning Taiga regime due to my lack of image editing software better than MS Paint.
  4. SINIB's Avatar
    You are lucky, indeed.
  5. Spinach's Avatar
    This is it IRUn. The very moment the masses have some sort of phase or fad you don't get. That's when you're too old. Time to get off the internet, grandpa.
  6. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Wow, some real mod team coordination going on ​here.
  7. LoyaltL's Avatar
    So I see 2 people
  8. Renko's Avatar
    Ooh...that!? THAT!? Why did I just notice this just now!?
  9. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Food sockpuppet gets banned fastlike.

    Mcjon claims Toby on top of things.

    Toby retorts it could have been someone else.

    Mcjon claims Toby sockpuppets all mods and obviously it is still him.

    Toby says if he had that power everyone would have Taiga avatars.

    Mcjon turns up with Taiga photobomb avatar.
  10. Break's Avatar
    *wink wink nudge nudge*
  11. Megas's Avatar
    To be fair break, the post does specify Fujimura Taiga photo bombing.

    Then again, I haven't seen anyone but McJon and Bdoom doing it
  12. Break's Avatar
    yeah, but it beeing the "wrong taiga" was the whole joke, and Toby just ignored it... *sniff*
  13. Megas's Avatar
    It'd be more obvious if you could find a pic of Aisaka dressed up as Fuji
  14. Break's Avatar
    hm i dunno if that exists
  15. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I like joke.
  16. Tobias's Avatar
    Oh, is breaks avatar a taiga? How was I supposed to know?!
  17. Break's Avatar
    Was the McDonalds outfit really that misleading?
  18. Tobias's Avatar
    I don't know who the person in your avatar is, except apparantly it's a faker
  19. Break's Avatar
    Oh, really? I thought Toradora was famous enough for anyone in the scene.
    But okay, its Aisaka Taiga, the main heroine of Toradora.
  20. francobull3's Avatar
    I just got it right now lol.
    I tought young Fujimura did not look like Break's avatar.
    Who would've known he was taking that taiga...
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