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Ogre-like Translations: Archer 1 ・ Fuck You Rules I'm Ilyasviel Von Einzbern

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My new project thingy is going to be more laid back. That is, I'll quit if I'm not feeling it or something more exciting comes along. I was going to try the Koha-ace stuff but googling japanese people and learning their history is not my forte. So here we are on an equally insignificant thing. At least the anime means people care about this for a couple more weeks.


固有の宝具を持たないが、投影魔術により武具・宝具を物質化することができる。本来はエクスカリバーなどの 人域を超えた神造兵器は投影不可能であり、仮にできたとしても、その使い手ではないため真名解放も不可能で ある。しかし、かつてのイリヤはそのどちらをもやってのけ、弱体しているとは言え、オリジナルを上まわる出 力までも引き出した。
現状のクロでは、そのようなバグ域までは至れず、エクスカリバーを投影してもハリポテの性能ら しい。

Include (Limit Expansion)
A black coated bow. Not a Noble Phantasm. Has no meaning by itself.

Install (Phantasm Summon)
Heroic Spirit of Phantasms, XXX's power is acquired. After putting in sufficient magical energy arrows that are fired surpass the speed of sound.
Not only a bowman he can also use a sword and easily handle close combat.
He does not possess a specific Noble Phantasm, but by using Projection magecraft he can materialize Noble Phantasms. Originally, Excalibur and other things that surpass human limits, divine constructs cannot be projected. For argument's sake even if it were possible, that person is not the user and therefore cannot release the true name. However, the previous Ilya did just that, weakened as it was, its output still exceeded that of the original.
Kuro isn't currently able to use such an advanced exploit so the ability of her projected Excalibur is like a paper mache version.

Welp that was the biggest fuck you to canon I've seen in something "official."
I don't know where to begin, the Ilya wanking or the blatant nature of it.
If this were canon or even could be considered canon, I'd be saying lore revelations. But according to most, it's not, so whatever. Ilya can't say Gae Bolg even if she can project and use Gae Bolg in the Prisma-verse. Good to know.
Remarks, suggestions, etc in comments would be cool.

Updated September 28th, 2014 at 01:04 PM by You



  1. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Let's say the true name thing is canon just to fuck with GaRbS, I'm okay with that much.
  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Illya OP?

    I am fine with this.
  3. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    You calling Kuro/Kuroe/Chloe Chole is hilarious though.

    Dark skin =/= Indian food, you racist scum.
  4. You's Avatar
    Nah I just don't how to spell Chloe.
  5. Renko's Avatar
    Still confuse about the "Tracing Excalibur" ordeal.
  6. Paitouch's Avatar
    The current Chloe has not arrived at such a level as a virus
  7. You's Avatar
    ? I don't see what's wrong, teach me pai-sensei please.

    Kuro as she is now

    such a

    like 治療域まで right, so "bug area" bad wording but that's what I think of it as.

    cannot reach.

    nvm I think I figured it out. Is it that バグ does not modify 域まで ​and they're actually separate?
    Updated August 23rd, 2014 at 05:36 PM by You
  8. Paitouch's Avatar
    Kuro isn't currently able to use such an advanced exploit...
    And going with Chloe for クロ is just plain silly. Forget that magazine ad because it's a magazine ad.

    Quote Originally Posted by You
    nvm I think I figured it out. Is it that バグ does not modify 域まで ​and they're actually separate?
    So no, this definitely isn't the problem. What kind of logic is that even?
    Updated August 24th, 2014 at 12:45 AM by Paitouch
  9. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Yeah, her name is Crow.
  10. Paitouch's Avatar
  11. Mcjon01's Avatar
    That's what I said?
  12. Paitouch's Avatar
    I just wanted to make a Cardcaptors reference.
  13. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Never seen it. I had the chance years ago, but I think that ship has sailed.
  14. You's Avatar
    I see, so that's what a bug area is.