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Just Persona 5 things

Going to a Job Interview tomorrow.

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Wish me luck, I guess.

Being nervous all day is a terrible way to spend your birthday btw.


  1. LJ3's Avatar
    Best of luck to you. Hope it works out.
  2. Nihilm's Avatar
    Good luck and happy birthday.
  3. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Good luck!
  4. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Good luck, happy birthday, all that and a bag of peanuts.
  5. Christemo's Avatar
    goo ruuc
  6. Elf's Avatar
    Good Luck, Happy Birthday, and please remember to wear pants.

    No one's going to hire you if you're not wearing pants. Well, if you're a girl and wear a decent length skirt that's cool too.
  7. aldeayeah's Avatar
  8. Laith's Avatar
    Done with that, we'll see what comes out of it. Thanks for the well wishes and the bag of peanuts.
  9. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Good luck m8