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Ogre-like Translations: Archer 1 ・ Apologizes

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So I was busy last week so didn't post anything. I'm making up for all of it by finishing the EMIYA card now. I was going to split it into three.

かんしょう ばくや
古代中国、呉の刀匠であるった干将と妻の莫邪により作成された二振りの夫婦剣。黒い方が陽剣・干将、白い方 が陰剣・莫邪。
Kanshou Bakuya
Gan Jiang ・ Mo Ye
: C-
In ancient China a chinese swordsmith Gan Jiang and his wife Mo Ye created a pair of married swords. The black one is Yang sword Gan Jiang and the white one is Yin sword Mo Ye.
The technique which involves projecting several of these, throwing and then slashing so the attacks coincide is called "Crane Wing Three Realm."

オリジナルのカラドボルグのアレンジ品の、さらに劣化品。とは言え威力は強力で真名解放して放たれた場合は 空間をもねじ切り、あらゆる物を貫通する。
Calabolg II
Fake Fake Spiral Sword
: Unknown Rank
Deteriorated version of the altered original Calabolg. Although it is stronger when the true name is released and fired. In that case it also twists space piercing everything.

: ランク不明
投擲武器に対する絶対防御という概念をもつ盾。最大展開形は、光でできた7枚の花弁という姿。花弁1枚が城 壁と同等の防御力をもつ。
Rho Aias
Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens
: Unknown Rank
A shield said to possess the concept of absolute defense against throwing weapons. In it's greatest form it is said to be seven flower petals made from light. Each flower petal has the same defensive power as a rampart.
The present Kuro can only actualize 4 petals.

オリジナルの鏡像を魔力で物質化する魔術。構成要素のすべてを術者のイメージから再現するため、通常はオリ ジナルには速く及ばない、外見だけのハリポテとなる。そして投影した物は幻想でしかないため、世界による修 正を受け短時間で消失する。
だが、この英霊が行う投影はそういった源則を覆し、宝具だろうが何だろうがボンボン物質化。その上、いくら 放っておいても消えないというテタラメさである、剣に特化しているが、いちおう盾や鎧も投影可能。ただし、 オリジナルよりランクが1つ下がる。
A magecraft which materializes the image of the original with magical energy. All the components come from the user's image, so coming close the original is impossible and it normally only amounts to a paper mache with the same appearance. Aso projected items are nothing but phantasms so the world's corrections only allows them to last for a short time before disappearing.
However, this Heroic Spirit performs projection that overturns this fundamental rule, repeatedly materializing Noble Phantasms.
In addition, not matter how long you leave them alone they won't disappear, what's up with that? Even if he specializes in swords, shields and armor can be projected for a moment. However everything is one rank below the original.

The Broken Phantasm entry is fragmented. Or at least the copy that someone gave to me was. So this is the fragmented part


宝具を矢変換して弓で放ち、爆発させる攻撃。宝具に内包される魔力を炸裂させ単なる使い捨ての爆弾として使 用するという、ある意味宝具に対する最悪な侮辱的使用方法である。魔力がある限り宝具を投影できる、この英 霊ならではの反則技。
Broken Phantasm
The Noble Phantasm is changed into an arrow and fired in an explosion attack. It is a disposable bomb that merely uses the magical energy contained within the Noble Phantasm to explode. It is the worst possible insult for a Noble Phantasm to be used this way. As long as there is magical energy Noble Phantasms can be projected. This is a foul play unique to this Heroic Spirit.

Which is a same because this entry might be the most interesting of them all.

Comments if you think there's something wrong or you have anything to say at all. Everything is appreciated. Especially Good Job +1 comments.

Also yeah, no ranks sucks to suck prisma.

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  1. Kirby's Avatar
    Wait whhaaaattt there are Prisma Illya character sheets now?
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    [ruby=Kanshou Bakuya] Gan Jiang ・ Mo Ye: C-
    You goofed your ruby-texting.
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    I don't have access to a scanner, so might as well test if an iPhone 4's camera is good enough for legible text.
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    Nice hands.
    But thanks, there's still some kanji in the second line I can't make out though.
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    I didn't scan this one either, it was just in the raws I dl'd.
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    wow I love the support from everyone. I'll finish this up next week then.
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    Do it now.
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