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unexpected success, a spicy sweet tale.

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to verg and I were chatting the other day about food, and I mentioned I wanted some curry. No big surprise, curry rocks. well, a little while later we were chatting and aximilli (ax) from the animorphs came up and verg mentioned cinamon rolls would hit the spot. That caused me to playfully say something like "mm, have some curry and then for desert, CINNABON!

verg thought a bout it a moment and mentioned he had heard that indians actually used cinnamon as a spice occasionally, though neither of us were sure if that was true or not, but it started me thinking about if something like that would really work.

At first blush, you wouldnt think so, I mean, curry, particularly my favorite, vindaloo which is not only EXTREMELY spicy but also has a sourness to it does not seem like it would lend itself well to something overly sweet, such as a frosting covered pastry. But I wasnt sure you couldnt pool it off. So on the way to grad school, I stopped at an Indian food place. picked up some curry, swung by the cinnabon, tried a liiiitle bit but had to get it all home quickly so I could make it to class.

anyway, so I get back home, warmed it all up, and found out its freaking amazing. It helps to finish your vindaloo and then have just a little water to wash the worst of the spices out, but whats left blends perfectly with the cinnamon and the cream for a flavor thats rich, sweet, and just a little spicy, like, say, drinking a really rich coffee.

Anyway, if you ever are in the mood for something a little adventurous, I highly recommend it!


  1. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    CV give toby back his account.
  2. Paitouch's Avatar
    Shokugeki no Tobias
  3. R.Lock's Avatar
    Wash it up with lemon tea.
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    My nearest cinnabon is in another city
  5. Dullahan's Avatar
    My nearest cinnabon is in another country.