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Ogre-like Translations: Rider ・ Sooooooooo About Last Week...

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Last week I did the Saber stuff. However there was an errata, so it turns out I actually did the Rider Install. Either way, thanks to hinode, the Install in the Saber post is Saber. And I saved a couple of minutes. So here is Rider.


Iron Stake
Chains fastened to stakes made of iron. Has no special effect, but when stuck it's really hard to remove.


Obtains legendary Anti-Heroic Spirit XXXX's abilities. Is not a legitimate Heroic Spirit, but rather an existence that is hostile to Heroic Spirits. Her forte is capitalizing on her high agility nature to perform acrobatics that leads the opponent on, giving her the momentum. However, her hand to hand combat ability is lacking.

Noble Phantasm
あらゆる乗り物を御する黄金の手綱。もっぱら召喚した天馬に対して使用される。真名解放すると、天馬の全能 力値が1ランクアップ。全魔力を?った流星の如き超突進で対象を粉砕する。
Bridle of Chivalry
: A+
A golden bridle that can control any vehicle. It is predominately used for the summoned Pegasus. When the true name is unleashed, all the Pegasus's parameters gain 1 Rank Up. All magical energy is ? and like a shooting star, its super-charge pulverizes the target.

So there was a kanji that was really mushy and blurrying. If anyone knows what it is, that would be really appreciated. Post in the comments like always.

: C-
対象の意識を封じ込めて歓喜と禁忌に乱れた悪夢を見せ、同時に外界への能力発露を封じる結界。通常はこれを バイザーの形にして、自身の魔眼を封じている。
Breaker Gorgon
Self Sealing・Temple of Darkness
: C-
A bounded field that confines the target's consciousness to watching a nightmare of both delight and taboo, and at the same time sealing all abilities they have in the outside world. Commonly in a visor form sealing one's own mystic eyes.


ただ目視するだけで、対象を石化させる魔眼。美遊の場合は両目が、イリヤの場合は片目がこの魔眼に置き換わ る。オリジナルより干渉力は低下しているが、「宝石」と呼ばれる最上級クラスの魔眼である。
この魔眼に睨まれた者は麻痺に陥り、ゆっくりと石化していく。石化に抵抗できた者でも、全能力値が1ランク 下がる「重圧」の影響下に晒される。
Mystic Eyes of Petrification
: B~A
Mystic Eyes that petrify the target just by sight. In Miyu's case both eyes were exchanged but in Ilya's, only one eye was. Interference power lower than the original, highest class known as "Jewel," mystic eyes. When glared at by these mystic eyes the person will be entrapped, paralyzed and slowly petrifying. However for people able to resist petrification, they will be exposed to an all parameter 1 Rank Down "pressure," effect.

I don't really like how my thingy for Cybele turned out, it doesn't flow very well, but that's as close as I can get it. Sorry about that.
Either way that's Rider. Cool, cool, cool, any comments, remarks, corrections, more erratas, in the comments please. I love your comments no matter what they are.

Also, I'll be posting something else on the 28th of September. So that's Sunday. It will have nothing to do with Prisma.

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  1. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    You goofed the ruby text for Cybele.

    like a shooting star, it's super-charge pulverizes the target.
    Also, you want the other its.

    And now I'm curious. What happens when Rider Bellerophons something mundane like a car? Does it become a shining steering wheel cover?
    Updated September 25th, 2014 at 08:48 PM by Rafflesiac
  2. You's Avatar
    Thanks as always.
  3. LJ3's Avatar
    Maybe that only happens with vehicles with magical energy already?