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Ogre-like Translations: Lancer ・ Final Dead Lancer

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因果逆転の呪いを帯びた槍。真名解放すると「心臓を穿つ」という結果が先につくられたあとに「槍を放つ」と いう原因が発生する。故に、必中、必殺の宝具であり、対人戦におりては非常に優位宝具。
Gae Bolg
Barbed Spear that Pierces With Death
: B
Spear that carries the curse of cause-and-effect reversal. After the true name is called the result [the heart is pierced] occurs first. Later the cause [the spear is released] happens.
Therefore it is an one-hit, one-kill Noble Phantasm. In one on one combat it comes off as a very advantageous Noble Phantasm.
To dodge this Noble Phantasm what one needs is not agility, but high enough luck to dodge to curse.

ケルトの大英雄・XXXXXの能力を得る。高い白兵能力と敏捷性を誇る。冷徹ながら好戦的な性格で、凶暴な 野性を内に秘める。バーサーカークラスの素質も有している。
Celtic Chief Hero XXXX's abilities are obtained. He boasts great close combat and agility. His personality is both cool-headed and aggressive, and he hides a brutal wildness. He also has Berserker Class characteristics.

So that was Lancer. I hope it gives franco much joy.

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    Hahahahahahahaha, you're goddamn right ^_^
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    You, it seems you like to translate things.
    Well, it was nice to read this.
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    Don't give franco much joy. We need to wean him off it so maybe he'll stop being a spaz over every little thing.