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THORON!!! and Failed Falco

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I picked up Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS today at a midnight release.

It's pretty wonderful, though I won't be able to enjoy it for a week or so thanks to work. I got to play for a few moments, and I learned some things.

1) Robin's pretty slow, even when he dashes. Also, his smashes are needle-thin Marth-styled.
2) Thoron is the most satisfying thing, though managing to land a Nosferatu is nice too.
3) Classic was interesting, though Master and Crazy Hand are a pain in the ass with Robin. So is Metal Little Mac.
4) Staying above Falco is a bad idea. Who knew, right?
5) Bomb-Ombs really, really hurt. Especially when they hit you in the face and cost you a stock at 30%.

But most importantly, THORON!!!

Seriously, B, roll, B, roll, THORON!!!, commence rejoicing.