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Strange Records


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  1. Leftovers's Avatar
    You're a strange one alright.
  2. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    What's up?
  3. Strange_One's Avatar
    Well. been reducing medication and finally stopped last week on account of therapist wanting to work without drug fuelled haze. since no meds however been feelimg like shit and so called doctor says may be early signs of cold. regardless of ill or psycho the removal of drug fuelled haze has resulted in the loss of all blinders as to the state of my existence. as my mind was wont to do in the past it auto updated and scanned existential conditions. The conclusions could rather make one go Joker. Surviving the last week also increasingly shit and yesterday was particularly bad. Really, considering that the only degrees of anything positive in my existence are the far between scanlations that provide a few minutes of distraction each, games or when i can muster the time and concentration some anime it appears that the world is still pretty intent on making me some manner of psycho suicidal hikki neckbeard.

    My usual shitposting limiters may be undermined somewhat in such an environment.

    Still haven't watched ubw yet.

    or extra chorus.

    or Mirai fukuin.
  4. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Well watch them, that's something to do.
  5. Strange_One's Avatar
    Ah well. Too much still to do but the day before is my red line.

    I've a dump. now here goes watching on my machine whilst thinking up a useful way of tying up a sword.