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Retrospection of a Type-MOON Fan

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With the new Unlimited Blade Works anime now properly aired, it strikes me just how far I've come as part of the fandom.

Back in late 2009, early 2010, when I first watched the animes for various Type-MOON franchises because I was a total noob who didn't know how to access the visual novels until well later, I was just a neophyte. Prior to that I had only a glancing experience with Melty Blood as I trawled the net for off-kilter fighting game concepts. I was drawn in by the Tsukihime anime that memetically does not exist, and compelled from start to finish by DEEN's Fate/stay night, which, while not that bad, most definitely has not aged well in the animation and probably several other departments. And those were the English dubbed versions, too - obviously this did not include Kara no Kyoukai - so objectively speaking I have had, by all accounts, inferior formative experiences with Type-MOON's work.

In spite of this, something about Kinoko Nasu and co.'s moonlit world latched on to my interests, captivated my imagination and hasn't let go since. Whether it be the characters, the setting, the themes or the potential of it all, I don't know if I can specify what exactly it was. It was probably KnK that sealed the deal, actually, though again, don't think I can narrow down the reasons that it did back then. Atmosphere, animation, music and oddness, I guess. Some time later I joined Beast's Lair at the urging of a 'net friend, and after time passed with me being an active part of the English-speaking fan community I ended up with a radioactive green username and access to a lot of features that an average user could never see. Throughout thick and thin, periods of inactivity and periods of semi-activity and even the rare moment of productiveness and contribution to the fandom, my like for these series hasn't dwindled in the slightest.

I've now read the games, and read the mangas, and what translations exist of the light novels and world materials and other arcane knowledge divined by the rune-reading forumites , and even played that monotonous dungeon crawler buddy film dating sim on PSP due to its association with the label. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I fapped, I've conversed with others with shared interests. I've done all of that in every possible combination. Before, I was nothing. Now, I am definitely a fan. I will probably remain one for a long, long time. The me watching the UBW TV air now will have a completely different experience than the me who saw the DEEN adaptation. I'm not a curious teen seeing something for the first time - I'm a grown man coming back to something I love and know by heart.

I've said before in the /stay night 2014 thread to not overhype yourself and set yourself up for disappointment. That's what I aimed to do. But when it came down to it, and I finally got to see episode 0?

That's when I let it all go and simply just enjoyed an adaptation of one of my favorite things ever. That's when the hype went full throttle. There's plenty of time and ways for ufotable to drop the ball, but for now I am utterly excited, but still reserved enough that I can't deliberately set myself up for disappointment.

Thanks, Type-MOON, for enriching my pop culture life, though I doubt any of you of import will ever see this blogpost. Thanks, Beast's Lair, for making this, and me be possible. If I never write another blogpost again, then it's fine by me if this is the last one.

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  1. Leftovers's Avatar
    That feel I can appreciate. Mind you, I probably won't experience it until Nasu delivers on the Tsukihime front, but I can definitely understand it.
  2. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers
    That feel I can appreciate. Mind you, I probably won't experience it until Nasu delivers on the Tsukihime front, but I can definitely understand it.
    Curse you /Grand Orrrrrrrrrrrrrderrrrrrrrrr! You and Dark Souls both!
  3. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgeburner90
    These feels, good job IRUn.
    I agree. I didn't find the episode objectively t hat great, but there a point (maybe when Ayako and Shinji appeared on screen?) when I almost cried from the feeling of "Oh my God I'm watching the UBW anime I can't believe this."
    Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are stricken with bitter grief upon hearing the sad news that leader Kim Jong Il passed away of a sudden disease on his way of field guidance at 08:30 on December 17. This news of the great loss to the nation came like a bolt from the blue. All the servicepersons, workers, farmers, intellectuals, youth and students across the country are mourning the demise of Kim Jong Il in reverence, calling him in chocking voices.

    The statues of the President at Kim Il Sung University, Kim Il Sung Military University, the Ministry of People's Security, the Pyongyang Students and Children's Palace and other places were also crowded with servicepersons, working people, youth and students.

    People's chocking voices calling the General are ceaselessly heard from every place where mosaics depicting President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are standing, Kim Il Sung Square, the plaza of the Arch of Triumph and other parts of Pyongyang.

    Those citizens are weeping bitterly, laying flowers and bouquets before them and looking up to the image of the leader.
  4. Lycodrake's Avatar
    IRUn's interest in the moonlit is revived by ufo illya
  5. mangafreak7793's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycodrake
    IRUn's interest in the moonlit is revived by ufo illya
    I thought it was revived by Prisma Illya and magical girl antics?
  6. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Now I wonder:

    Who will be/look better? UFOtable Illya or Silver Link Illya?
  7. ZidanReign's Avatar
  8. Nihilm's Avatar
    dem feels
  9. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgeburner90
    i just got that anime is hitler
    No, anime is Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Il is Hitler, please don't cut out the middleman.
  10. Elf's Avatar
    There were just so many little details in this that made me happy:

    Like Archer purposely smirking when Rin kicked down the door.

    The snake skin with the pendent.

    The version of EMIYA that played.

    Oh, and that heartbreaking look Archer has on his face when he first sees Saber.
  11. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac
    Now I wonder:

    Who will be/look better? UFOtable Illya or Silver Link Illya?
    As of UBW 1 definitely ufo. Holy shit.