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The Toilet Seat Debacle- SOLVED

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Long has the genders battled over the state of the toilet seat. Up or down? And really it's such a insubstantial issue, but yet couples have probably broke up over it cause bloody first worlders have nothing else to get upset over.

But I have the solution. It is also more HYGIENIC.

Close the lid. And leave it at that.

First of all, when you flush - it kinda sends tiny particles of piss/shit water spraying everywhere. That is bloody disgusting and NOT CLEAN. Close the lid. Flush. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Second of all, with the lid closed - now both genders have to lift something up to do their business. EQUALITY.

With this we are one step closer to gender fairness.

Now where's my Nobel Peace Prize?


  1. ratstsrub's Avatar
    So down, is what I'm reading from you.
  2. You's Avatar
    If you close the seat and flush all that stuff gets on the seat and when you open it that stuff's going to drip down.
    We need to make new toilets.
  3. ratstsrub's Avatar
    Negative pressure toilets.
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
  5. hero's Avatar
    How is it equal if the man has to lift 2 but the woman just needs to lift 1?

  6. Depletion_Garden's Avatar
    We'll never get anywhere in this world if the weight difference between a toilet seat + cover and just the cover can't be taken as negligible.
  7. Vagrant's Avatar
    Toilets just need to advance to the point where they just dematerialise the waste right out of you. Then finally toilet-based gender equality shall be achieved.
  8. ratstsrub's Avatar
    If the issue was weight, we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.
  9. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    My wife always complains that sitcom women throwing a fit over the toilet seat being left up is demeaning to women by implying that they can't operate a toilet seat.