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My Nasuverse fanfic; links and updates!

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In late 2010, I published a Nasuverse short story that was part of a series I called, "Endless Number of Possibilities". The setup is like so.

Tohsaka Rin and Kohaku are in the Mage's Association, doing experiments. They succeed in one; a machine that shows them what life would have been like if X happened instead of Y. These bits were intended to have their own narrative, (ex, Saber was Shirou's lover but she died, Arc and Shiki are an item), but I've now dropped them because that's not the main focus. (The "real world" bits are now summarized.) Anyway, here's a list of all the "what-if" scenarios I've done, and the future of ENOP as I like to abbreviate it.

Love is Not a Toy: Fate Edition. Take out the magic and Servants, and what do you get? High school romance between Shirou and Sakura. Wackiness ensues. When I posted this on the old BL, Elf said it was, "Cute". Strange, considering that's not what I was aiming for. (P.S. hey Elf, I am writing a Middle School AU Madoka fanfic called "Oh No, Not Madoka!" That actually is meant to be cute. Still far from finished, though.)

Love is Not a Toy: Tsukihime Edition. Same as above, but now with the Tsukihime cast. Shiki's words on Akiha are almost word for word my opinions on Akiha. She's just so pretty~

Instant Awesome: Just Add Zelretch. Zel never aged. He also now behaves like a Doctor from Gallifrey. He takes Rin under his wing, with Arc as companion. Co-written with Heraklinios, who featured a character of his own. Contains gratuitous references to Grimdark demons worshipers, Data Entities, Spinzaku, meat buns, Imperial Stormtrooper Marksman Academy, and spirals.

Booze, Babes, and Berettas. Fifth War Archer is a jaded private eye, tackling a case beyond his jurisdiction. My personal favorite of my Nasuverse fics; how can you go wrong with Archer channeling Philip Marlowe!? Oh right, you can't.

Grief Is the Fuel of Vengeance. Set after the Heaven's Feel Normal End (and also the only fic that isn't a straight up AU), Rin remembers her thoughts on the power of the Jewelled Sword . . . and decides to reshape the world, with help from Rider and Sakura. Is serious and darkly comedic at the same time.

Curse of the Tohno Clan. The prestigious Tohno Clan gathers together to discuss family matters. This ends when several of them are found dead. Almost everyone is OOC, and the entire thing is too reminiscent of a favorite visual novel of mine. Not helping is the appearance of Bernkastel by the end.

Professor Zel Returns (Just part one for now). A follow up to Instant Awesome Just Add Zelretch, and Curse of the Tohno Clan. Zel takes a new student under his wing. (Pay attention, Mike!) It's Rin's sister. The two end up in the Half-Life universe, then they get separated. Not helped by Zel becoming imprisoned by Bernkastel and Lambdadelta.

Alright, now for the updates! Part 2 will show Zel in the alternate Umineko universe, trying to figure out how to get back to Sakura. It will also reveal the killers of "The Tohno Massacre." Slight spoiler, in true 07 fashion, when you learn this, you will throw up your arms and shout, "But this only raises more questions!" To which I will respond with this.

Part 3 will focus on Sakura trying to reunite with Zel from the universe she ended up in. What universe did she end up in? I can't tell you, even though I've already decided!

And then after that will be . . . the last segment of ENOP. It'll be an epic finale of everything I've done. I've run out of ideas for this. And also, I'm a freelance writer now, and I made a resolution to write and publish two new ebooks this year. I can't do original fiction if I keep writing fanfiction, right? So I'm in the process of weaning myself off the fanfics I haven't lost all passion for yet. Will I still write Nasuverse fanfiction in the far flung future? Who can say.


  1. Mike1984's Avatar
    Yeah, I had noticed (and read) the "Professor Zel returns" story. It definitely seems like an interesting idea, and I look forward to where you take it....