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Alpha Sapphire End Thoughts

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I just finished the maingame for Alpha Sapphire.

All of the Kyogre stuff was rather pretty, though I wish I hadn't beaten Archie so easily. Heck, the only major battle that caused me trouble was Wattson, and that was because I had no Ground or Fire-types. The animation values and music were great as usual, though; the NPCs who stand outside having different dialogue was a particularly nice touch.

Primal Kyogre itself took two tries to capture, so that's reasonable I suppose. The first time I accidentally killed it with Magical Leaf, and the second time I got it on my second ball (it was an Ultra Ball) without any status ailments. Credit goes to my based Azumarill for weakening the thing through its blasted Aqua Ring into the red with Surf once Gardevoir shot it to pieces with Magical Leaf.

Wallace was a pushover, though I have to admit the Metronome really paid off there; I Low Sweeped his Milotic to death through its Recovers with my Machamp.

I wish the non-Hoenn Pokemon hadn't shown up before I'd beaten the League; it really messed with my completionist spirit.

Victory Road had great music, and so did Wally's battle. I'm glad the kid swapped his pajamas for some actual clothes and got an awesome Mega Gallade. A pity he was so easy, though/ I should've played the game in Set, instead of just switching off the Exp. Share. I even used Dual Chop with my Timid Mega Sceptile instead of the guaranteed finisher Grass Pledge, and he wastes the turn with a Swords Dance!

The Elite Four were pretty simple, though their Pokemon were only a bit below mine, so that was great. Glacia nailing my No Guard Machamp with Sheer Cold was also not so fun . Steven was a standout though; it's been a long time since a Champion battle was actually challenging for me. His Pokemon were all above mine in level, and his Skarmory was a pain to kill thanks to its godly defense; Azumarill with Surf handled that, though.

His other Pokemon were great too; I actually had to use Max Revives, Hyper Potions and Full Restores like a proper Champion match. His Armaldo and Aggron in particular were pains to take down.

Megagross was pretty awesome itself; by the time it came out I only had my Gardevoir, Azumarill and Mightyena left. It even fainted my Azumarill in one blow with Giga Impact! That ended up screwing him over though, since I came in with Mightyena and finished it off with Crunch and Sucker Punch.

The last segment only confirmed what I've been feeling all game:


Seriously, she's adorable! I definitely ship it.

I got bad vibes with Norman bowing out of the date with Mom thanks to Cozmo's tragic past, but it seems like it sets up for the Delta Episode, so that's pretty cool.

Now I need to complete the Delta Episode, catch all of the legendaries, remodel my Secret Base, beat all of the Contests, fill the National much to do!


  1. Lenoire's Avatar
    I'm yet to finish AS myself - on the Team Aqua segment in Lilycove - but I'll just dump a couple of my thoughts here.

    One: Wattson is really terrible, because iirc the only Fire or Ground-type you can have that early in the game is Marshtomp. Consequently, I went in there overlevelled and it sucked. Screw Magneton.

    Two: I'm happy Wally is great, and I'm happier still that Steven is an actual challenge (and that he kind of has character this time around). The last Champion fight I remember being difficult was the awful back-to-back N and Ghetsis ones in the original BW, and even then it was less N than the fact I was underlevelled for Ghetsis and his goddamn Hydreigon, and that you can't save in between. Very very keen.

    Finally: super stoked that Delta Episode exists, I've heard ORAS has an amazing postgame so I can't wait. Wish I was more invested in Contests or filling the Dex, but I'll see what it holds regardless.