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Rot in Hell, Azelf

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Exactly as stated.

The damn thing burned through all of my Max Revives, Revival Herbs, Dusk Balls, Luxury Balls and Premiere Balls, 6 Dive Balls and 30 Ultra Balls.

Uproar + 3 Nasty Plots is a devastating combination; I really wish I'd brought a Spiritomb. Ugh, I bet the aggravating piece of crap is Sassy or something too.

My poor team probably hates me now ;_;

Still, brutally difficult legendary catches are the bread and butter of the based Sinnoh games. They're just another way that region presented an actual challenge.


  1. Knick's Avatar
    Its not that hard really. Caught it my first try.

    Your bitchin is unwarranted. Its called bringing a SDef tank.
  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    It maxed out its Special Attack! And it's not like I had a Goodra for my maingame team or anything either!

    And by first try, do you mean your first ball or your first attempt? Because despite my kvetching it only took one attempt.