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After beating the maingame and Delta Episode of Alpha Sapphire, I've been running through the Battle Maison and trying to beat at least 50 people in Super Singles. It's taken me a lot of tries and a lot of hours, but I've made it into the high forties with my team of glory:

Levi, the frontline Ninja! A female Protean Greninja who provides a strong offense from turn one!

Hathshepsut, the midguard Tank! A female Cofagrigus who takes every hit with ease, and picks off tough enemies with Will-o-Wisp and Shadow Ball!

And last but certainly not least, Roland, the rearguard Hero! A mighty Mega Gallade who punches everything to death and looks damn good doing it!

Some legendaries started showing up, like Moltres and Tornadus, but my team was unfazed! They were too fast and too strong for such trifling creatures!

Finally, I'd reached the Battle Chatelaine and battle No. 50! Her Tornadus survived Levi's Ice Beam with a Yache Berry and dispatched her with a Focus Blast, but Hathshepsut avenged her with Shadow Ball! Thundurus feebly Crunched at Hathshepsut while Pain Split and Will-o-Wisp did their work, but landed a Sky Drop on Roland after I switched him to use his Justified ability! While Roland suffered damage, he defeated the Thundurus and was strengthened for his battle with Landorus. With one Ice Punch, Landorus would fall!

Then Landorus felled Roland with Earth Power, leaving a weakened Hathshepsut to face its might. Hathshepsut struggled mightily with Shadow Ball, Pain Split and Protect, and the climactic clash came down to one last round. Hathshepsut could survive another Earth Power, and then would finish Landorus with Shadow Ball! We would win!

And then Landorus got a critical hit and fainted my Cofagrigus.

Fuck you RNJesus.


  1. Apple's Avatar
    Choice banded brave bird works really well in the chatelaine I hear
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    When you spell the Lord RNGesus' name wrong He strikes you with misfortune and poor rolls.
  3. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    RNGesus loves me, this I know.
    For my rolls will tell me so.
  4. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    This is why I only set foot in that demonic place to talk to the NPCs. Btw is that Delinquent girl supposed to be Lucy?
  5. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuclear Consensus
    This is why I only set foot in that demonic place to talk to the NPCs. Btw is that Delinquent girl supposed to be Lucy?
    Oh, her. Maybe; the Battle Frontier hasn't been built yet after all.