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What I do Part 1?

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ZOMG!! We had blogs?? A personal space where I can rant about anything ?Nice!!

What? We have facebook? meh, but lets face it. A place where you can anonymously post things you want to blab about, a place where you can expose your dark side without exposing your Identity to the people around you is still a very mouth watering solution to your everyday stress management.

Particularly when you live in a place where non-mainstream hobby like reading pre-teen high exposure mangas or taking your Moe hug pillows instead of your pet dog on a picnic are regarded as things for creeps... Which includes you me and everyone practically 'killing' their time here in Beasts lair.

Okay Enough with the bloggy intro...tho let's get to the main part.

Creative's not much of a blogger, Hell he's too analog that he's been refusing to log in into his facebook account for some time now. But, as boredom has taken the best of him, Creative's decided to post things about himself.

as many of you might be guessing what I've been doing for the last 2 years away from BL. Meh, for starters I'll just say that I'm just your average Air force G.I

Wut Airforce? So am I piloting gundams now? hmm, I did have the chance to ride some of the biggest Aircrafts the Air Force can offer but sadly, no. But I'm a bit special from the others in that I work as an Air Force Military instructor.

Remember full metal Jacket? the first character that comes into your mind, put in Creative's cute Moe Avatar instead and you'll get the picture. That's right, Creative teaches n00b soldiers and drills them into becoming a true soldier (true soldier my ass..)

"give me 200 push ups soldier!", "Stop being a sissy and give me ten more laps! move it!" I actually say these stuff you see on film... so am I enjoying my time here? actually no, I'm a shy person by default and leadership is not my natural trait. Not surprisingly Though I do easily get irritated with things so I tend to release my stress on the n00bs in the form of push ups.

I specialize in handling firearms and heavy machine guns like M-16's M-60, M-2 and K-6 I've shot most of the guns mentioned above and teach newbie G.I's how to handle those weapons. The special details though I won't mention as 'details' tend to be regarded confidential around these parts.

Recently though Creative's been spending less time on the field and instead focusing on things like learning Japanese and bodybuilding. And have been somewhat succesful in both of them. I think I might be able to up my level to that of native speakers by at least 4 months.

so Creative's daily routine goes like this.

Wake up at 6:00 am-> 10 hours of work->return to the dorm 2hours of body building 2 hours of japanese-> maybe 30 minutes of animu and then sleep. Creative gets very few free time in between so unless its a national holiday or weekend you'll have a hard time spotting me lurking here in BL.

Well, that's it I guess I might post more but time is short seeu around.
Oh yeah, my service ends by November from then on you'll see more of me lurking here. till then.

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  1. RoadBuster's Avatar
    Glad to hear from ya, Creative. Good luck with that nasty schedule!