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Ogre-like Translations: Enkidu ・ This Body Was Certainly Made Out of Mud

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I was going to do this yesterday. But I had something. And then today I basically babysat a friend. So yeah, here it is now.
I mean TM wikia's translated most of the stuff anyway. At least it saves me having to transcribe stuff.

Class Skill

Magic Resistance: -
Because of the skill "Transfiguration," the magical energy stat fluctuates accordingly.
Personal Skill

Transfiguration: A
Stats are situationally distributed based on a fixed pool of creation points. It is a special skill due to being an Automatic Doll.
When the rank is high the amount of creation points is also high. From A to A+ the cost rises. That is, 2 ranks worth of points is necessary.

So two things here I want to talk about. 能力地 is a typo. Supposed to be 値. They both can be pronounced chi so forgive the Strange Fake editors.

I called it transfiguration because the word, not in this context, was used in David's profile and I wanted to be consistent with that.

最高クラスの気配感知能力。大地を通じて遠距離の気配を察知する事が可能であり、近距離なら同ランクまでの 【気配遮断】を無効化する事ができる。
Presence Detection: A+
Highest rank of Presence Detection ability. Via the Earth, is able to sense the presence of things at long range. If close range, an equal or lower rank of Presence Concealment can be nullified.


アラヤやガイアといった【抑止力】の力を流レ込む光の楔となり、膨大なエネルギーを世界が認識できる形に変 換して相手を貫く一撃。
Enuma Elish
O Humans, Let Us Harness the Gods Above

Rank: A++
Type: Anti Purge Noble Phantasm
Range: 0~999
Maximum Amount of Targets: 1000 people
Ability of Enkidu's to transform its own body into a Divine Construct.
The Counter Forces known as Alaya and Gaia's powers flow into a keystone made of light. Then giant amounts of energy are transformed into a form that the world can recognize and pierces the opponent in one hit. In response to things that threaten the destruction of the planet or humanity the power is increased.

I thought this was fake when it came out. Little did I know it was Strange Fake.
But yeah, it is what it is.
If I had a main problem with this it would be that Gil's version of Enuma Elish is not 999 even if it is in Extra Materials. I'll do Gil's next week maybe or the middle of this week. It's just old stuff anyway. Most people just wanted to see Enkidu I'm sure.

Also I liked Reiu's translation of the NP name a lot so I asked her if I could use it. Yeah, don't think I could have thought of that myself. Especially that harness double meaning. So good.

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  1. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    So he can use Enuma Elish, just a different version of it?
  2. You's Avatar
    No it's completely different.
  3. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    Oh so it only has the same name but it's abilities are different?
  4. You's Avatar
    Yeah. After all Enuma Elish is something Gilgamesh decided to name the maximum state of Ea after.
    Maybe he named it like that because he was jelly of Enkidu's Enuma Elish and wanted his own.
  5. Kotonoha's Avatar
    I called it transfiguration because the word, not in this context, was used in David's profile and I wanted to be consistent with that.
    You don't have to always translate a word the same way when it's used in different contexts.
  6. You's Avatar
    When I look up a term on the jp tm wikia I like getting all the enteries with that term like when I looked up henyou i got david, enkidu and leo. Sure they were all different contexts but it's nice to get that.
    Either way transfiguration already sounds magicy because of harry potter so I thought eh why not.
  7. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Okay but don't come crying to me when people start thinking Enkidu can do Harry Potter transfigurations.
  8. You's Avatar
    can't it?
  9. peanuts's Avatar
    能力地 is a typo
    what if what if Narita was trying to be clever here and messing around with how Enkidu was manipulating the desert to create mud tentacles of divine weaponry
  10. You's Avatar
    Then good luck with that Narita.