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ItsaRandomReviewBlog: It's Almost as if my Opinion Matters! -- Episode 1

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"Time to delude myself into thinking people care what I think!"

Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to the first installment of ItsaRandomUsername's ItsaRandomReviewBlog! The place where IRUn voices his thoughts on any video games, books, comics, movies and etc. for no other reason than to take up blogspace.

Warning: Might be equal parts insightful, opinionated, and probably offensive. Tread lightly.

Winter Animu 2012 Episodic Reviews:

* Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko -- Episode 13 (/Special/)

Denpa Onna is a personal favorite of mine. Dude (named Niwa Makoto) moves to a new town to live with his cute cousin (Erio Touwa) and MILF aunt (Meme Touwa).

...only it turns out that his cousin and aunt are completely batshit insane.

His cousin, who disappeared off the face of the Earth for months prior to the start of the series, apparently thinks she had been abducted by aliens and is convinced that she herself is an alien. She has a thing for pizza, stargazing, and rolling herself up in her mattress. Also happens to be MOE INCARNATE.

MILF aunt has a thing for kicking back, going with the flow, and attempting to seduce(?) Niwa. Basically, a super fun lady.

His friends, an especially energetic girl (Ryuushi "Ryuuko Mifune) who has a tendency to wear her bike helmet all the time and a tall, dark-haired girl (known only as Maekawa) who wears a perpetual Chesire Cat Grin who is almost always dressed in some strange mascot outfit, are also subsequently just as crazy.

All in all, it was a fun series that was entertaining, moved at a relaxing pace and was a visual treat. If you don't like this show then you have no soul......or just distorted taste. Those character designs are orgasmic, man. Buriki doesn't disappoint art-wise.

But yeah, to the Special Episode 13...

Niwa goes to a festival with Ryuushi ("Ryuuko! Call me Ryuuko!!") and has himself a grand ol' time there. The festival can basically be summed up like this: Ryuuko acts weird, funny, and cute, Niwa hangs around with her, meets Maeka dressed an eel, buys eel from her, and (with justification) ditches Ryuuko to meet up with Erio.

Erio and Niwa are at the shrine at the top of the hill stargazing. A meteor show happens, allowing the two to get enamored with it. Suddenly, Yashiro Hoshiyima (white-haired astronaut cosplay loli who is convinced that she is a psychic) pops out of nowhere and "proves" to them that she really does have esper powers.

That's when a meteor falls from the sky, wounds Niwa's arm, and crashes into the spot where he was just standing moments before Yashiro told him to GTFO somewhere else so she could demonstrate her skills. Yashiro vanishes shortly afterwards.


NOW, the reason that this scene is so hard-hitting and significant is because through a good portion of the first half of Season I Niwa puts in a good effort to "fix" Erio so that she's not so socially awkward so that she can get out of her "alien" delusions.

The crashing meteor smashes Niwa's perceptions of reality as easily as it exploded into the hilltop shrine's temple. Niwa is genuinely thrown for a loop by this for good reason, because if Yashiro really was an esper, then what does that mean about Erio's alien problems? ...did all of that stuff really happen to her?...

Niwa, however, is forced to put this implications aside when he finds out that he simply just can't do diddly-squat about it for the time being. Yashiro is gone, Erio is stable and therefore bringing up the topic of aliens around her would possibly cause more harm than good, and Meme is useless in that regard. For now, everything will just have to go back to normal.

Just another day in Denpa Onna.

All in all, Watching this made me feel...I won't say nostalgic, but rather like I had re-encountered an old friend whom I was able to hang out with for the day to catch up on things with. It was refreshing, and a real treat to see Denpa Onna back in action, even if only for a little bit.

New Episode of Denpa Onna: +6 points
The return of the futon-wrapping: +2 points
Ryuuko acting lovably ditzy: +1 point
Eelsuit!Maekawa: +2 points
DAT ERIO: +4 points
OMG PLOT HITS FAN: +7 points
Lack of Meme Touwa: -5 points

Puberty Point Total: 17 points.

This is IRUn, signing out.
More reviews to come as I watch/read/play whatever.