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Tsuki no Sango

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In my other blog post, I mentioned that the Tsuki no Sango volume only had two chapters.
I was being retarded. It actually has all five chapters that have been released. I was being tricked by the fact that it was divided and labeled into two parts instead of being labeled by the release chapters.

I don't like how they changed the font in Silicon-chan's story, though. It looked like this in the web release:

Nice and fancy and matching the tone. It was changed to normal font in the volume:

I want the fancy text back ;_;


  1. You's Avatar
    Can you post the picture of the girl's suitors please? I want to see if they changed.
  2. Crown's Avatar
    How much do you wanna bet that this will reach one year without updates?


    Though the KnK manga was updated a few days ago so...
  3. Skull's Avatar
    I can kinda understand why they did that though as the hiragana is kinda hard to see in the first picture.
    For example, at first glance I mistook the 'n' for a 'shi' in the first sentence which has never happened before.