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Mahjong Hot-Bloodedness: Over 9000

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This match.



It was awesome. I love matches like this. No clear winner, comebacks on all sides. A seeming defeat turned on its head with a single hand, followed by more loss of points and more trying to resist a crushing failure.

I fucking love it.

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  1. MZeroX's Avatar

    Though that picture would have been more relevant if you won. >___>;
    ...why'd you give up the pinfu and riichi on the double pon wait in East 1-0? on a pretty much dead set for one of the pons, too? not that it matters since that 7pin was coming out anyways, but still...

    East 2-0... WHY WOULD YOU KAN WHEN BOTH YOUR OPPONENT'S HAVE DECLARED RIICHI?!?!?!? Riichi gives rise to ura dora, kan and riichi gives even more dora chances. It's like... you're trying to increase your opponents' hands values. You got luck it was only a mangan...

    East 3-0... suuankou possibility blinded you from danger discard, man. recently dropped tiles from hands that are very open are usually indicative of related tiles in the hand. You've got most of the 9pins, right's pond is full of pins. for the most damaging hand accountable with those calls, you've got to assume chanta fanpai, since the called 1pin is beyond the fanpais, and honitsu isn't a threat given the pond and your own hand. That 9sou should have been screaming at you. the late dropped 7sou and widely open hand says that 9sou is danger, man.

    South 1-0, getting all that dora really helps. doras help flexible usually powerless hands become a decent force. nicely played.

    South 1-1, wait, WHAT?! you gave up iishanten to chitoitsu for an open toitoi? you already had two dora... riichi + tsumo would be a haneman, and if you get uradora, a baiman. you got lucky right dropped into that hand, man. you could have played a lot safer AND had a larger valued hand.

    South 1-2, yeah, that open call that 1pin sealed it. after that, your only potential yaku is hatsu-fanpai, unless you chuck the 4sous and go for chanta.

    South 2-0, nothing you could really do. things were just going right's way that hand.

    South 2-1, wait, you killed your own wind? you're not in any position to be dropping yaku, man... and holding onto the east when you're not dealer and it's south round? man, you totally just deprived yourself of a double fanpai in hatsu, xia. it could have been honitsu with those too, with the haku as the head. damn man. at least you held onto those 6sou after the riichi, though. right set out the trap for a discard in, but you avoided it. i can only hope that it was intentionally...

    South 2-2, why'd you cut the 2pin first? your hand was doing pretty well... keeping the pair of 2pin would have put you in tenpai faster, man. the rest of your sets were volatile, but you locked it into a 12 end wait on 3, so it just bogged your hand down, which turned into completely truncating that set altogether. oh well, nothing to do about that skirmish between the other players.

    South 2-3. well, you did pretty much everything right here, so congratulations on your rinshan victory and baiman courtesy of the pei-dora alone.

    South 3-0, eh, shit happens.