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Here lies my beloved hard drive; may it rest in peace ;_;

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Like the title says, my hard drive died an early death.

She was starting to flag, though I didn't know why at first. Then I got a warning; the hard drive was going to fail, it said. I wanted it to be a virus, a simple problem I could get rid of. But alas, it was not, and after another warning I took her to the local computer center and put*her down myself.

So here I sit, reimaging a new hard drive and lamenting find times past. Suffice it to say that my obligations here will be delayed while I phonepost and redownload the essentials.


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    clicked because i thought there was going to be a picture. Slightly disappointed.
    Updated February 27th, 2015 at 04:24 PM by You
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    I feel, I recently lost mine as well. With the stuff I wrote and all the things I was planning to write. It hurt so much.