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Sakura Con Day 1

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So to start, I didn't sleep well because of pain and I wasn't up to going and getting painkillers in the middle of the night. Woke up and my ankle was so bad I had to sit it in a tub full of hot water for half an hour just to get to the point where I could put weight on it.

I went to the Aniplex panel first. They did the regular sort of promo trailers of Fate, Nisekoi, Madoka Rebellion Story, Hanamonogatari, and the like regarding availability on DVD/BD or streaming now/soon and all. They announced some BD releases for things like Expelled from Paradise and the second Persona movie. Announced a new series by the SAO production team, forgot it's name, light novel adaptation again. (edit: it was the Asterisk War or whatever it's called, they put the announcement up on ANN and facebook)

There was an SAO panel right after that with both the Japanese and English voices for Kirito. It was actually really cute. They were showing clips of both, and one for Matsuoka was the bit in GGO where he turns to the guys and says "Ouen shite ne~" or whatever and sparkles. Matsuoka put his hands to his face in embarrassment, it was great. Then when the Q&A asked about a line that stands out to them, he said that line in-character, which even Bryce thought was the greatest thing.

Kana Ueda autograph next. As I said in the UBW thread, she was in a blue kimono and she and her aid could not remember the kanji for arashi or shishi (lion) when I asked them to use the kanji for this pen name. All because I thought it'd be stupid for her to write arashi out in roman lettering. Still, she was adorable. One guy only had a sign board with no artwork or anything on it, so she actually put a miniskirt and legs in thighhighs on it. sasuga rin

I put the things specific to the UBW premiere up here. The crowd was great. Cheers at the badass moments, laughter at funny bits (or some that might be unintentionally funny that are just references; when Illya tells Sella and Liz to go get the intruders, the next shot is of Sella and Liz coming around the corner of a long hallway and Liz is carrying her huge ass halberd and people laughed at that probably because they don't know the lore reference). Laughter at Shinji's antics. Squees at Gil. Then not-squees at Gil once he starts bullying Illya. Yeah, that's right you fangirls, he's not actually nice to people. Groans and gasps instead. And I think the appropriately matching wide-eyed expression when Herk busts out of Enkidu and looks a hair's breadth from splattering Gil.

I thought that, while the Caster ep dragged on a little more than it may have needed to and some of the perspective shots are once again wtf inducing (there's one in particular of Illya and Zerker where Illya is in the foreground making Zerker look like he's a normal-sized tall person rather than, you know, Zerker) but it felt otherwise good to me.

Because of my ankle I didn't do much else than this. I initially had planned to go play Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax after the showing, but my foot told me it was at its limit. I hope that, having walked it out a bit today, tomorrow will not be nearly as bad.

I can only hope.

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  1. Strange_One's Avatar
    Heroic devotion as ever Arashi

    Take care of ur goddamn ankle.

    gg Kirito~ wwww

    Another cute seiyuu to ur collection eh?

    Great audience reactions.

    And I thought u were sposed to rest sprained ankle -_-
    get ice or cold pack (if place ur staying has a fridge), compression bandage to around it if ur out?
  2. Elf's Avatar
    30 minutes cold and twenty minutes hot! Keep it elevated too. The ankle I mean.