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Sakura Con Day 2

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My ankle feels a lot better. Unfortunately my other leg and thighs do not, having walked awkwardly all day yesterday. Urgh.

I was late so I only caught the tail end of the Kanako Kondou panel. They did give late arrivals the free Noel pin though, along with the Rachel pin for Kana Ueda. Anyway, they switched to Kana, who was wearing a pink-and-peach kimono this time around. She answered some basic questions from the moderator/translator about Rachel and stuff, talked about how she and Sugita go drinking and nerd out over games together and that she's attached to Ragna because of Sugita. She said her favorite game is Sakura Taisen, but she also plays [email protected] games. She even wanted to audition for [email protected] initially, but because she was part of a different idol group project she was not allowed to.

Fielded questions about BlazBlue, Fate, Maria Watches Over Us, Saki, and gaming in general. Talked about how she was initially an archer on Monster Hunter but switched to gunlance because updates nerfed archers. Talked about how she's known Jin Kisaragi's voice Kakihara (Simon for you Gurren fans, or Enjou from Rakkyo) for years and teased him after he'd been living in Germany for so many years that his Japanese was really child-like when he initially returned (of course his Germany experience means he actually does Signum's bow in Nanoha with a better accent). She talked about how she started in the industry as a cosplayer, so she has cosplayed before and has in fact gone as Rachel to an event, and done some cosplaying secretly when she was not a guest at events. Thinks Sugita ought to be a producer for stuff because he's so knowledgeable and has the inclination to gather people to do stuff. And apparently Hideo Ishikawa and Jun Fukuyama are actually really good mahjong players. She and Yukari Tamura have been playing mahjong together to teach themselves the rules at their own pace. Her favorite manga title is Fist of the North Star and she likes fighting games she thinks because of that.

Fate related: ufotable is actually a little weird because they animate to their voice recordings, so they had more freedom in performances for Zero and UBW than in DEEN. Shirou has grown on her because his motivation in UBW is clearer. She can apparently recite Kotomine's "Rejoice, young man, your wish can be granted" lines verbatim. Gave the Rin line "I'll leave it to you, Archer, show me what you can do!" If she participated in a HGW, she'd either want Saber as her Servant if she was going for the win, or Zero Rider if she wanted to hang out with someone. When someone asked if she ever lapses into a character voice in real life by accident or anything, said, in her Rin tone, "I-I-It's not l-like I want to answer that question or anything!" which didn't even need a translation for the audience to get it.

Will update as I do other stuff, but needed to get this down before I forgot it all.

I got into a conversation with some Fate people that only just got into the show and/or started with Zero, so I'm going to be spending some time tonight editing my presentation to try and accommodate the sort of questions they had.

As I said in the con thread, I can't goddamn get away from Rin and Archer cosplays. Either that, or I'm seeing the same two people fifty goddamn times. There was a rather well-done casual Saber, and an absolutely adorable trio of preadolescent kids dressed as Saber, Rider, and Archer while an adult Gilgamesh chaperoned.

AMV Iron Editor was kinda interesting. Also ran into a really well-done Isaac Dian there, in the suit with the pumpkin head.

I broke the rule I set out to follow and ended up wandering the dealer room. And spent money I don't have. Sigh. On the upside, I have now replaced the Saber figma that I broke the hand to and have a nendo petit Haruna, chyakunin shimashita!

I contemplated going to a fanfiction panel, saw there was somehow a line for that, so fuck that. Went to the Kanako Itou and GARNiDELiA concert. Itou is alternatively really good or has songs that really don't suit her voice live. GARNiDELiA did their anime stuff like for Mahouka. It was alright, but since I'm less interested in them than I have been for singing guests in the past, I honestly kinda zoned out for a bit.

Watched some of the AMV contest entrants, then back at the hotel.

Urgh, my panel is at ten in the morning. I have to actually get up early. On the flip side, it's in a rather large panel room on the main floor, so I don't have to go looking for it.

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  1. Strange_One's Avatar
    great stuff lad. Thanks.

    Warm fuzzies on what the people behind the voices are like.

    Ufo being a relative new startup has always seemed to be different from the older places.