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Sakura Con Day 3

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Did my panel. Had maybe 40 or so people? Got through it pretty decently and since Keripo was doing a general TM panel covering other material I didn't need to really talk much about related stuff like Mahoyo or such. Was jealous that he had maybe double my panel size, but it was three hours later and thus wasn't fighting hotel checkout and sleep deprivation.

My penchant for running into con guests outside of panels and autographs and such completely at random continues. Now, Sakura Con, your task is to bring me a Kawasumi next.

I went to a lion dance and kung fu demonstration, went around artist alley just to further prove to myself I could do something without spending money I don't have, watched a couple of photo shoots, and was occasionally disappointed by the AMV contest results--although Levity, the one using The Wind Rises was perfect.

I'm crashing at friends' apartment for now, will link a few photos and post pictures of swag once I'm back home.

So swag wise, posted here I have the signature on my UBW disc cover and the replacement Saber figma. They also handed out Rachel and Noel pins at the seiyuu panels. Otherwise, they also did this:

At the UBW premiere they handed out these prints of little signatures and messages from the cast and crew for the show. Suwabe is at the bottom left, next to him is Ueda, Kawasumi and Sugiyama above them, ect. For those of you desperate for spoilers, the one top and second from the right, which has a hooded person with a knife? That's Caster and it is a copy of an image from ep 14. The Gil one you should know too since they posted the preview images for next ep.

Otherwise here are some pics that my friend took.

Taking over the world one hamburger at a time.

Your Crime Coefficient is rising to dangerous levels.

Symmetrical enough?

Ore wa Gundam da.

It's canon.

When becoming Emperor of the world, be sure to decide on the dorkiest hat you can possibly wear.

Ouen shite ne~

I lesbians you.

I'm mad scientist sonofabitch.

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  1. Christemo's Avatar
    GJ reporter kun.
  2. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    Wait your panel? What, a panel? As in your own panel where people go ask you about stuff and take autographs from you?

    Wait what's a panel?

    Uhh being dumb is hard.
  3. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DreamsRequiem
    Wait your panel? What, a panel? As in your own panel where people go ask you about stuff and take autographs from you?

    Wait what's a panel?
    lol it isn't that, it was specifically to cover Fate-related stuff. Nobody except some of my uni's anime club knew who I was. They just came to listen to some guy talk about what magical energy is or why "I am the bone of my sword" and "body is made of swords" don't exactly line up and to watch some slides and get to see the Vita Heaven's Feel OP up on a big screen.

    Fan panels are just stuff fans put together to discuss or whatever. They're not like guest or industry panels where you get Q&A or industry announcements.
  4. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    I saw a photo of Keripo's panel.

    Imo his Arcueid dollfie drew the crowds.
  5. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    You mean you'll admit that dollfies are cursed objects that have evil spells placed on them? (because you don't get inside the panel room until right as they start so the line had already formed you see, so they didn't know that such a thing would be in there)