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Music (IV): Kingdom Hearts.

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Hate it, love it, Kingdom Hearts has amazing music. And like I said a week ago, I have played all(1) of the games in the series.

Also, just as a note, the story is not that confusing, you just need to pay attention.

On to the music. Since there is only 6 games (theoretically) I am going to use two songs per game where applicable.

And so we start with KH

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - Another Side.

This song has been used to represent the Organization XIII. The piano, the somber mood, the crescendo toward the fast paced part. It was used as is in Aqua's side of BBS and remixed for the end of 358/2 Days to fit as a battle theme.

Kingdom Hearts - End of the World

A remix of Destati, a chilling song that plays on the last dungeon. Unlike its original, its more creepy, more low key. A haunting song.

Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories - Naminé

A calm piano song. Naminé is my favorite KH character, so this one is a bit unfair to be here.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Lazy Afternoons.

THE relaxing song. Melancholic, sad with a bit of lingering.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + - The Other Promise.

The theme of the vs Roxas battle. Filled with piano, with a lot of regret, depression and sadness throw in for good measure. Also that battle is so much fun if a bit difficult.

Kingdom Hearts II - Vim and Vigor

Gotta kick ass. As its name implies, its a song of battle, usually used against human bosses. Great focus is needed to prevail.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Vector to the Heavens

Look, I like depressing songs. And the best depressing song from the whole series is this one. Xion's remixed theme to fit this battle. And seriously, who will he have ice cream with? TT_TT

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Unbreakable Chains

Ventus Final Boss Battle Theme. A remix of Vanitas theme mixed with Ven's, Sora's, Roxas's and a bit of Xion's. Climatic and thematic.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Dismiss

Fragments of Sorrow plus Terra's theme. Climatic, Sad, Final Theme, A battle that was postponed from the beginning of the game. God this is a throwback to the final battle in KH.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - No more Bugs.

Techno on my KH? Only in Re:coded. Honestly, not many new songs sop.

Kingdom Hearts Series - Dearly Beloved.

The Kingdom Hearts song. No favorite version really, all of them are great. Varying on the version, the general feel changes.

And that'd be all. Honestly I am just linking my favorites non-disney songs. All the soundtrack is great I assure you. Next Music post is going to be running around at the speed of sound.

1. Well almost. The one I am missing is KH, but I did play KH:FM tho.


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    I'm curious, why the excited approval Spinach?
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    I may think the Kingdom Hearts games are only slightly above average and not at all deserving of all their hype, but I will freely admit that the music is amazing. And my oh my do I love Dearly Beloved.