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Strange Records

"He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow." Episode 1

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Despair, for I offload impressions from my murky chaotic mind!

Anyway, whilst doing housework I often find some vaguely interesting thing to watch/listen in the background.

One amongst them was Eat to Live Forever, presented by an apparent food critic. Basically he ponders the fact that his paternal lineage had a rather unpleasant habit of successively dying younger, lamenting that his father wasn't around to see his grandchildren. And so he embarks upon a quest to see if there is a diet that could extend his life so that he may watch over his own children's children for a time.

With the help of doctor he could call for nutritional advice he covers a couple of diets I'd heard of over the last few years. Calorie restriction or the practice of eating highly nutritious foods with bugger all calories. As with the last time I'd seen it, the food was disgusting and the lack of calories means hungry and crabby all the time. However he reported very good and clean bowels. Eventually. The old couple who were hosting him for the experience were kinda creepy though.
There's Paleolithic, which apparently has some traction in the US as you can even ask for Paleo options at a drive-thru.

Fruitarian was an interesting one. He noted that all the Fruitarians were all young people though, and so he thought that wasn't very informative. The Doctor also had concerns about lack of essential vitamins in a purely fruit based diet. Btw since broadcast the Fruitarians and Vegans have declared a fatwa on him started an online campaign of bitching about him due to how he presented them.

There were a bunch of others but most interesting was this softly spoken guy who lived as a carnivore. I mean totally raw animal bits. Apparently perfectly healthy. His idea was that an animal has all the nutrients that he needs as a living being.

So he demonstrated what he does. There was a goat in his backyard. Apparently in the US you can do whatever you want in your backyard until someone complains.

He donned his impressive set of sheathes and knives and proceeded to get the goat in the ground, bracing its neck between his knees and slit its throat. "There's no good way of doing this."
One of the first things in butchery - wilderness style - is to bleed the animal, so draining the blood into a pail is a standard procedure. Distinctly non standard however was dipping his hand in the pail of warm blood and giving it a slurp. "It's good."

So after that was to open it up. Hauled onto the dissection table he proceeded to cut open its belly exposing the organs within, covered in a whitish yellow membrane.
"This is belly fat." He proceeded to take a bite out of it. "It's good."

So the evisceration proceeded and our intrepid presenter decided to reaaffirm his resolve on his quest. He volunteered to eat some super fresh liver. "Mmm! It's almost chocolately... And warm. Since it's just been doing what a liver does."

And soforth until the point where the hangs up the animal skin in a frame to dry in the sun. Guy's definitely got the skills down. Apparently one entire goat can last him some months - adequately refrigerated and frozen.

The segment ended with the presenter being treated to a dinner of a few bits of cold heart, lung and other bits. After forcing down a piece of heart he did note that for norms, such a diet is rather high level. The other members of the family had salad.


any vegetarians around here?


  1. You's Avatar
    This is terrible. I can't even. Do not eat raw meat.
  2. Imperial's Avatar
    I actually am vegetarian, but I say that's a godawful idea no matter what I eat. That's asking for any number of food borne illnesses.
  3. Renko's Avatar
    What the heck did I just read...?
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    Ah, my main thought on the guy was that he'd be such a great Hannibal Lecter.

    Just imagining him casually chatting whilst dissecting a body and tasting the goods. heh.

    Maybe it's a first world vaccinated and dosed up on antibiotics goat?
    He proclaimed that he had spent thousands of dollars on a full medical which declared him in good health.
    Quote Originally Posted by Renko
    What the heck did I just read...?
    Some views on a show which was presented as an exploration of what constitutes a healthy diet for longevity which was actually a quick tour of crazy 'murrican diets.
    Updated April 12th, 2015 at 06:07 AM by Strange_One
  5. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Why does the show bother establishing this pretense that's it's about health before delving into madness
  6. Kelnish's Avatar
    Bait and switch man.