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Since jumping on the bandwagon is the thing to do when you should be studying, I started a Nuzlocke challenge as have other regulars of the Seventh Dimension.

My game of choice... Touhoumon Another World.

For those of you how have played this game, i'm still playing by sheer fortune alone. I know that this is in no way skill or grinding, due to the nature of a nuzlocke challenge.

For those of you who haven't played this particular hack, it's a hack of Fire Red. Only... Touhouland uses the data on the sevii islands. and you suddenly get transported over there at the beginning of the game. The difficulty level of the Touhou trainers is pretty intense, too. The random youngsters are still there, and there are nameless fairy trainers, too. They aren't so bad. Well, the fairies are a little tougher than the people, but they are nowhere near the named characters. Named characters have advanced evolutions, great movesets, and more than anything else, rare touhou dolls, in this came "boneka".

Anyways, randomly selected starter that I have no control over getting ended up being Chibi Star Sapphire with Run Away. Cool, I can gtfo out of random battles if things go bad. The starter I got to choose ended up being Chibi Marisa, greatly named Mari-chin. I figured that in a Nuzlocke challenge, I need as much lulz as possible. Pick up does that, so most of my team has bride study (recover). And before you go and say this guy sucks at naming (even though I know I am), I like to think of it as a reference to Mari from Girlfriends. Yes shut up, I've read that manga. Boredom does that.

Anyways, the first boneka, I caught after being able to catch them, was a Chibi Hina. She's a dude, so in tribute to her "guru-guru" and the fact that I recently was replaying Demonbane, he got the stupid name of Gurou. I went to get that old rod right away, and fished up that spinning girl. Cool, I've got a poison type with absorb. let's head back to the path between the human village and hakurei shrine. Surprise, Chibi Mystia, thus named Misty. Bitch is gonna die, ain't she? Actual surprise, I got another boneka with pick up, and Mari-chin already picked up a Bride Study tm. Taught immediately to Chibi Star Sapphire (yeah, no control over game, can't nickname this bitch). It's a long haul to bubble for that girl.

Headed back to Hakurei Shrine, ensured the change of area, and checked the grass. HOLY FUCK, SO MUCH LUCK. Chibi Suika. I literally yelped a bit when that happened. fortunately, I had Gurou, my CHina. Absorb let me get through that rock type rejection of my tackle and pound attacks. Gurou came out with only 7 HP, though, since minimize let CSuika karate chop her a bunch of times. Fortunately, no deaths. I now have a CSuika named Suite. Because this is just fucking sweet. Yes, I abuse puns for names. Shut up. Anyways, grinded Suite from level 5 to 15, since I don't want Aya to one shot everything. Went back to the path between the human village and Hakurei Shrine, and grinded my other three members from their respective levels to 9-11. In the process, more bride study tms were found. Everyone but Suite knows recover! woot! Suite knows Karate Chop, Rock Thrown, Oni Binding (spite, pp reduction of last used move), and Seismic Toss. No room for Bride Study, and no need. All offensive moves without fixed damage get STAB. Kill everything.

Anyways, after four hours (okay, like 30 minutes of holding turbo), I decide to finally move on. First opponent of the first of three parts of the northern path to the scarlet devil mansion... Chibi Mystia. Fuck this shit, I already have one, and I only have one Miko Orb/pokeball left. Die and become food. Well, guess I'll wipe out these youngsters. lol shit's easy. I grinded too much. Keep going north. Ayayayaya~ "give me all of your personal information, I swear I'm not shady! no? then i'll take it by force!" *sends out level 10 chibi momiji* ...wait, level 10? I thought it was level 14. that's why i grinded so much. oh well, *one shot karate chop*. *Aya sends out level 10 chibi aya* still level 10?! I thought it was level 15... oh well, *one shot rock throw*.

Move onto part two of the northern path. game indicates a change of area (and change of available boneka), so i assume it's safe to catch the first one here without breaking the rules. *chibi rumia*. FUCK YEAH, STAB FAINT ATTACK (after grinding). I now have a Yamichin. Curbstomp all of the nameless fairies and trainers on this path, except one who almost icicle falls Gurou to death. As in, if hit 4 came out, Gurou would have died. Lucky shit right there. Also, Gurou finally learns Spin!, so I don't have to wrap-absorb every battle. Cool.

Part three of the northern path, another change in area via game prompting and change of available boneka, so I run into... chibi koakuma! Hmmm, i'd have preferred a CCirno, but this is fine, as long as i don't get stuck with a Patchy as well, later. I have a psychic type named Koamica, because she's Koa, and a friend. Anyways, back to the grind, so that everyone doesn't die in one hit when I go to the SDM.

Current team: Koamica (CKoakuma, 13), Suite (CSuika, 15), Misty (CMystia, 9), Gurou (Hina, 15), Marichin (CMarisa, 14), Yamichin (CRumia, 18).


  1. Marth's Avatar

    Goddamn, throw some ecchi pics in there once in awhile to break it up or something. There's enough text there to drown a man in. ;p
  2. MZeroX's Avatar
    hey, it's better than I used to be. Now, I at least sort of space with fake paragraphs and capitalize my words when there are strings of sentences. I used to not paragraph space, and capitalization was to my whims. I used to make actual walls of text. This is many times better than I used to be.
  3. Marth's Avatar
    One of those paragraphs is almost three inches long, man. @[email protected]
  4. MZeroX's Avatar
    I've done a solid narration that is longer than my smaller monitor (1280x1024 resolution, physically a little over 10 inches in height) without paragraphs on the old BL. 3 inches is nothing, dude. >___>;
  5. Marth's Avatar
    Using prior horribad paragraphs to excuse newer ones ----> -15 man points
    Not posting anything ecchi ----> -25 man points

    You're just not with it at all, today, are you?
  6. MZeroX's Avatar
    nope, not at all. this test is killing me.
    here, have a fanservice in line with nuzlocke challenge.
    Updated March 5th, 2012 at 05:14 AM by MZeroX
  7. KENTA's Avatar
    I really need to try this mod one of these days. And then scream BULLSHIT when it does bullshitty things.
  8. MZeroX's Avatar
    it's actually not that bad. well, ZReimu aside. That was pretty bad. I had to abuse the fuck out of wonder armor just to take down every boneka she had. i never thought i'd be spamming PP regen items so much.