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That didn't go quite the way I wanted

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Well, really, the idea I used for the fanfic contest is one I've been playing around with for a while, and could probably play around with for a lot longer before I'm actually fully happy with it. Oh well.

So, anyway, it's out of the way. My last week of Winter classes is this week, and I only have one paper due for finals, so I should be able to get some actual full on writing done. Meaning, hopefully, at least a chapter of FFS and finishing Death and Justice.

Also had a brainstorm that I kind of alluded to in one of the fic threads about pairings. If I decide to do it, it'll probably be a couple chapters like D&J and Shared Resonance. It's a bit of an inverse FFS, though it wouldn't be nearly as long or involved--in fact, it'd probably take after Shared Resonance in format.

Working title: What I See
Post HF. Rin is at the Clock Tower. Shiki is brought in by Magus Killers. He is imprisoned there to study his MEoDP, much in the same way Araya wanted to use Ryougi.

Rin, because of her awareness of Sakura’s situation in FSN and influence from Shirou over wanting to help people, really takes pity on Shiki. She finds ways to spend time with him, investigates his situation and finds out what all is going on.

Plot beyond initial setup, including what would possibly happen.
Over time, it becomes clear that he is there less because they can hold him and more because he’s aware he has limited time left. Implied Arc True End Shiki?

Desperate to give him something to look forward to, she (along with help) springs him. Magus Killers go after them, of course. Kaleido magic, Reality Marble, maybe some sealing magic and Rider hijinks defeats MKs.

Shiki dies after spending time with her, enjoying her company.

Not sure if I'll go full steam ahead on this, but I'll sit on it a little more and chew on the possibilities.

inb4 I3uster herniates.


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