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The madman's asylum

Sleepy psycho is sleepy

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Well, long time no see! It was already 20 days since my lost blogpost.
...I'm such a lazyhead.
Ahem. I don't really have that much time, so it'll be brief.
I wrote damned essay. It seems that I cannot write my opinion about others' works without screwing up. For example, I haven't backed up my theories with quotes from 'War and Piece'. Damn it.
Also, I somehow translated volume SS1 from over 20 volumes of Index into Russian. On February 29th. After goddamned half a year of procrastination. And I'm finally satisfied.
Hm, on 16th will be test on five subjects. I hate you, UNT.
And, my time is over.
G'bye, my dears.

P.S. Wait, someone read my blog? Srsly? I do not believe you, statistics. Yeah, I don't.
P.P.S. I do wonder, when I'll be able to write my first big fanfiction in English? Er, do not mind me. It isn't that interesting... Or maybe it is? Dunno. Anyway, it's already night here, so I'm gonna go to bed. Good night, everyone. *yawn*