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First Entry: I Love Nijigen

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Well, seeing as there's a blog here, might as well post something. I'm not as deepangst! or RAEG as most people here, so it would be... quite plain IMO, lol. No offense.

So a few days ago I went to Animate after a long time staying at home. It seems they started selling White Day cookies there. Being a ronery guy like me, of course I don't need any White Day cookies. ;_;

But still, after seeing the cookies themselves, I feel urged to buy one box, even if only for self-consumption. Here are the pictures:

The front

Here's the sides, with the possible cookie prints

Here's what the inside looks like.

"I love yandere"

"I love nekomimi."

"I love gijinka/personification"

Oooh, here's a good one: "I love Beast's Lair" Shut up you guys, let me delude myself ;_;

"I love yome/waifu"

My Favorite: "I love imouto(mousou)/little sister(delusion)"

Okay, that was all I got. I didn't get tsundere and nijigen/2D, but oh well. I wonder, do the otakus here really give these cookies for White Day, or would they just eat them themselves? I can't imagine giving these to a girl like that. Well, except if the girl is an otaku herself.

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