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"He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow." Episode 1.5

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Another food related thing I'd forgotten to include last time.

Billion Dollar Fried Chicken.

A documentary taking a good slice through the UK operations of KFC.

In addition to the fairly rigorous when they decide to drop in UK Food Inspectors and assorted regulations they have their own patrollers to run about and catch bad practices and take action in case of bad practice.

More interesting as always are the food related matters. In the UK at least they have strict rules on how much cooked material is allowed to remain in heated cabinets before disposal. Stores throw an average of three tonnes of unsold cooked chicken every day. I hear other major fast food franchises like McDonalds do the same. The inefficiencies of first world food supply =_=
Needless to say they get regular bin diggers.
In the show it was a new thing to freeze and donate leftover things to food charities. Needless to say that's a significant supply of protein for those who struggle to afford food in addition to the more usual homeless and such.

They have interesting cooking oil practices tho. Their vats full of oil they use to fry their chicken, they drain at the end of every day. And scrape out the significantly fried matter and clean it out. Then fill 'er up again with the oil they'd drained to cook stuff the next day. Apparently they reuse for a few days before calling for biodiesel collectors.

The fried matter they collect? Apparently that's what they use to make their gravy.

I didn't know they even sold gravy.

Damn. Feeling hungry for some KFC now...


  1. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Mnnn, I wun me sum chikkin.