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Reposted from random thoughts, because this is a better place.

This is my earnest if somewhat disorganized attempt to summarize the reasons why there's sometimes so much crap and shit flinging when discussing Typemoon works. I'm reposting this from ANN (obviously because that review created a shitstorm of significant proportions even for ANN) since I'm too lazy to make a similar comment.

The fandom has been bickering among itself probably since Day 1. The reasons for that are numerous I think. One would be that the intricacy of the worldbuilding attracts a certain kind of fan that obsesses over such things and how everything glues together and feels like correcting everyone that overlooks some detail or has an interpretation that seems more unlikely to that fan. Reason two would obviously be online disinhibition effect, which shows up everywhere, not just in relation with TypeMoon. Thirdly, as I said, many Fate fans have grown accustomed to all this bickering, they don't give much thought about how they present their arguments, this is just normal for them. Nasu's style of storytelling is also a factor, it's long-winded, sometimes deceitful and ambiguous in it's word choice, dancing around the point, which comes of as pretentious or contradictory. That is not something anime fans are accustomed to and can create a lot of misconceptions no matter if you're a fan or not. Finally, obviously most of us are kind of nerdy here, with our issues and necessity to validate our opinions. For all the talk about interpretations and subjectivity of opinions, it's not that easy a concept to swallow when you're the one who's 'truth' is challenged by something. What makes it harder is that, as much as we would sometimes want otherwise, literary criticism is still subject to the rules of critical thinking so people have full rights to call out interpretations that miss evidence in the text or seem to not be very compatible with it since that would make such interpretations unlikely or at least less valuable than other ones.

I actually don't think BL is that hard hit by what I wrote, personally this is the best community I've found so far to be a part of as a TM fan.

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  1. metabee's Avatar
    Depends on what you compare it to Spin.
    If it's attack on titan, for example, the whole TM is less known. Thus niche.
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