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Dragon Warrior Quest Part 1: Loto trilogy

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So I recently started a journey to go through every mainline Dragon Quest game in chronological release order. Obviously X is not included because fuck you Japan. Started this about 2 weeks ago and I'm already done with the Loto trilogy.

DQ1: Aged HORRIBLY, but still has a lot of charm. It feels so very different to most other JRPG's of it's kind because it's just you. Have fun. Nobody is going to help you. Half the towns in the world are trashed in one way or another. You better go find this legendary equipment otherwise you're doing to get your shit kicked in. Hell, even with all that stuff you might get your shit kicked in. Fun soundtrack, fun environments, not a fun game. Just too old.

DQ2: Holy shit this game is bad. It has none of the charm that DQ1 does, it does nothing unique, it's just bad. Not even the music, which is normally so so good in this series. Just....ugh. So bad.

DQ3: So bit of a story on this one. I tried to play this game as a kid roughly a gorillion times. Never got to even Dharma temple. I started playing this game yesterday and BLASTED through it today. Holy fuck. So good. The twist at the end was unfortunately ruined for me a LONG time ago(and is also kinda dumb) but the whole game was just so fun. The extra dungeons in the GBC and SNES versions are just kinda meh, but they added so much other shit you have to play them. The SNES version is a little better, but the GBC version is easier to get(IE actually released in the US). Go play it right the fuck now. Make a Jester become an absolute beast. Fuck some shit up. This was also the first DQ I beat that I had never been able to beat before. The other ones I haven't beaten are 4, 7(Not looking forward to that titan of a game) and 9.

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