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Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 1

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*screams externally*

As you may have noticed, I'm a big Basara fan, so I've tried multiple times to get myself at least a copy of one game. Thanks to the wonders of Magecraft emulators, I now have a copy of the English version of 3.

There are six initially playable characters: Ieyasu, Yukimura, Masamune, Magoichi, Kanbei, and Emo Fujoshi. I played all of them on Easy, just to get the hang of it as well as nab an elemental weapon and a Super Art or three. Of the six of them, I played Magoichi first.

I'm rather surprised at how much I enjoyed playing as Magoichi. She looks so elegant while charging head-on into enemy forces and filling up their insides with lead. One of my favorite strategies with her is throwing some hand grenades at an opponent, then using the shotgun's stagger to keep them at bay. Incidentally, that's how I beat Tadakatsu on my first try.

Last night I completed her red route on Easy (it's despicable, by the way, since you have to fight both Tadakatsu and Muneshige at some point in the route, but I've not seen her green one yet, so I might be in for a surprise). Mount Osore was a pain, since Harumasa kept throwing shit at me, and I was too focused on leveling up the assault rifle skill to dodge. Battle of Tetorigawa is more annoying than outright painful, since I managed to keep Toshiie and Matsu distracted enough to take all their bases. Sekigahara: Zero Hour was also less awful, simply because I took on Moonshiggy first before handling Yoshihiro (who, by the way, hits like a truck). I found it cathartic to use Emo Fujoshi for target practice at the end.

I successfully unlocked Motochika because of that, and I have to say, he fights like a drunk, what with all that swinging and stuff.

Next up was Ieyasu. A fellow Basara fan told me that Ieyasu can hit hard given the right charging time, and I wasn't disappointed. His Hard Head skill (which I got just before the Oushuu stage, thank God) hits for ridiculous amounts of damage, and dealing with the later stages got a lot easier (plus he looks so adorable holding his head afterwards).

His red path taught me to loathe ninjas. Ueda and Odawara were basically repeats of each other, with Sasuke and Kotarou being a pain to deal with, while Ujimasa and Yukimura (who I managed to successfully sneak up on) were a cakewalk. Battle of Kannagawa was painful but manageable, just charge up Sun Crusher while the tiger's busy roaring, unleash it when the catte gets near, then whittle it down afterwards with Eastern Winds (which was my go-to skill for base-killing pre-Hard Head).

Siege of Hasedo was irritating, since I had to keep up with the boat, but the title of Royal Pain in the Ass stage goes to Dragon Race at Oushuu. Seriously, fuck that shit. I don't know if the laggy graphics (which happened only at that time), my nonexistent skill in racing games, the sheer unwinabbility of the thing or some transcendent combination of all three are to blame, but enough complaining. I separated Masamune and Kojuurou before bashing their heads in with Hard Head. Tenkai in Sekigahara: Betrayal was also annoying, because during the last leg of the fight he started draining health, though I managed to put him down despite that. Gyoubu and his Desu Death Carriage died similar deaths by ground-pound, and I thoroughly enjoyed beating up Emo Fujoshi for a second time (though I did not enjoy what came afterward).

I unlocked Tsuruhime and Ieyasu's blue (not certain because I haven't checked yet) route, as well as his second costume after that.

Tsuruhime is hard to use, but I'm getting by. I got her second and third weapons by playing Kaerikumo on Easy and Kubota on Normal, respecitvely. I don't always time the sparkle on her skills right, though I'm positive I'll improve in that regard. At this point, I'm probably going to continue unlocking the other characters, starting with Yukimura, while leaving Emo Fujoshi for last due to personal dislike (which is regrettable, since I'm genuinely interested in Gyoubu's playstyle).

Question: I'm planning on hunting for joke weapons. Do those only come up on Hard mode?

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  1. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    I miss playing as Nouhime and Lord Oda.
  2. JetKinen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan The Mouse
    I miss playing as Nouhime and Lord Oda.
    Nobunaga is playable in all Basara games though
  3. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JetKinen
    Nobunaga is playable in all Basara games though
    I haven't played the latest ones. ;_;