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Just Persona 5 things

Some random things.

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Been kicking around the idea of starting a CYOA fic to get on the writing habit again. Of course it would be slightly different from the norm and with a lot of crazy mixed in. Still deciding if I should just go ahead and do it now, or wait 'till my tests pass. The former sounds more appealing every second.

For the romantic people out there, you should read Forever Girls. Just a warning, it is girls love (yuri) but is still so damn =3 is not even funny.

Lily Ghost from the rooftop (屋上の百合霊さん) a visual novel which I gave a bit of a summary before, released its second demo. I should get on that summary I intended to do earlier.

Talking about promised things, my Fate/Stay Night endings post is refusing to be written. Computer mysteriously turns off, the auto-save function not saving correctly, some unusual distractions are just some of the excuses I can give. I should probably save a draft but I can only do it in one sitting so...

On that note, I am planning on doing a similar thing for Tsuki. I would just need to read the Akiha route. No I haven't read it. Yes I know, not a true Type moon fan and all. Is just that, well sister fucking is not okay.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. My Fate/EXTRA LP is going to be in hiatus. Tests are coming and DeSu 2 was bought (seriously, a SMT game released here? That's just nuts.) so my time went from available to busy all day every day.

That'd be all. Yep.


  1. Seika's Avatar
    Loving the 'aaaaangst' tag on Forever Girls. Not bad as a short story, though.