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Nuclear Contemplations

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 2

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I am never, ever, ever playing Story Mode on Normal ever again. I'll tell you why soon enough.

I completed Yukimura's red route on easy. Nothing much to say here, except that Mogami Yoshiaki is a germ and should not be touched, even with a ten-foot pole. He kept counterattacking and taunting so much that I just used special mode Blaze Kick as he was walking his sissy walk never let up after that. His stage is a pain, too, so fuck him. His nephew seems to have inherited a shred of his awfulness, because Siege of Ueda Castle was irritating to fight, not just because you're actually racing Masamune from taking the camps, but also because you fight him and Kojuurou at the same time, which is stupid. As usual, I separated him and Kojuurou first, then killed them separately. I managed to ambush Ieyasu in Sekigahara: Aftermath, and I thought the Ieyasu fake was a clever nod to the whole kagemusha legend. Other than that, Masamune/Kojuurou duo is still annoying to fight against. I nearly died during the post-battle cutscene though, what with all the extremely lewd panting and such. I got Fuuma Kotarou and Yukimura's adorable Shingen-wannabe costume for my troubles. Kotarou's a bit too jumpy for the keyboard configuration, but I managed to rack up my first non-base-taking Frenzy with him. His low health and damage output are a serious point of contention, though.

Masamune's normal takes the troubling cake here. Sasuke is a thorn as usual because I didn't know you could wash out his clones when I was fighting. When I ambushed Yukimura, I died because I wasn't paying attention to my health bar. The second time went smoother. This marks the third time in a row I have to face Yoshiaki. Seriously, can we stop meeting, period? Never have I appreciated Magoichi more than in Sekigahara: Zero Hour, since I died a second time to the Muneshige/Yoshihiro love team (mainly because I focused on Muneshige first). Since Yoshihiro was the main source of damage in this duo, I focused on him first and I survived at half to two-thirds health, and that was with KG's Damageproof+. I didn't get to finish Gyoubu/Kanbei, so I fought them separately. The fight with Gyoubu left me with an amount of HP so dangerously small, I couldn't even see it from the health bar. I managed to kill Kanbei by spamming HELL DRAGON Dragon's Eye and CRAZY STORM STREAM. At least beating up Emo Fujoshi was worth it. I've unlocked KG, and Masamune's Dalmatian spotted outfit. Seriously, spots?! Anyway, KG takes a bit of getting used to, but it's fine.

I felt bad about Kanbei's red route though. Poor guy. Everyone treats him like shit, and he never gets a break. I hope his drama route in Sumeragi doesn't end in tragedy. Anyway, Last Stand is annoying, even on easy. Managed to complete both secret objectives for Saika Stronghold. The Rising Suns and Motochika in Nakatomigawa Fortress died pretty easily. Siege of Karasu Castle was pretty unremarkable, except for the fact that I lost a base and Kingo retreated once. battle of Itsukushima is probably my favorite battlefield, too bad Motonari is a colossal jerkwad. I was floundering around in Sekigahara: Intrusion trying to capture all the bases (and failing, due to the infinite number of enemy squads), before Tadakatsu and Gyoubu showed up. I was holding up pretty well against them by spamming Depression to break guards, and then Aggressive Behavior should one of them get close. It was pretty satisfying to use Criminal Smasher on Emo Fujoshi; a shame I couldn't use it a second time. Anyway, that unlocked Kanbei's prisoner outfit as well as Yoshihiro, who I immensely enjoy, mainly due to his astounding damage output.

I'll spare you the Emo Fujoshi writeup, since that will mostly be an eloquent, long-winded rant about how much of a shit he is, and how much I despise him for his red route ending (hell, I hate every route he has).


  1. JetKinen's Avatar
    Don't hate on Mitsunari m8!
  2. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    I died on Nakatomigawa's spinner traps. TWICE. Plus he kills my husbando. I think I have enough reasons to hate him.