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Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 3

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I'm in a don't-hate-Mitsun mood right now, so might as well recap.

I finished his red route on Easy yesterday. Suffice to say, it was not enjoyable. His Setsuna gimmick is pretty fun, plus the invisible blade is a neat bonus, but that's about it for pros. He has stupidly low health and defenses, and I had the misfortune of getting a third weapon model with only one accessory slot (which I even spent on a Medium Defense). Itsukushima continues to be my favorite level (jackass okra aside), Gassantoda was pretty easy. I got really mad at Nakatomigawa, not because of Motochika or the two Rising Suns; rather, I died to the spinner traps. Twice, if I might add. And the barrel trap nearly KO'd me. Surprisingly, Motochika and his Rising Suns died pretty easily. Mines of Ishigakibaru weren't that much of a challenge. It was my first time at Sekigahara: Assembly, and the ranged girls combo was a bit annoying, until I took out Tsuruhime, then Mago. Hideaki managed to reach Ieyasu, and just as I got the two of them to around half health, Tadakatsu caught up to me. Fortunately, I managed to off Hideaki, then Ieyasu. I didn't bother watching the cutscene, because I didn't need to review my reasons for hating this character. Hideaki pretty much sums up my feelings about this character: "I don't want anything to do with you!"

Fortunately I got Gyoubu, who is quite the based magic leper. Mitsun's alt would have reminded me of a destroying angel, if I actually watched Doctor Who.

I played Tsuruhime next. She is, simply put, awesome. I was dealing large amounts of damage at the bases, so much so that I actually paused my campaign after Hetsugigawa to check if I was playing on Easy. I wasn't. I checked my items, and the culprit was the two Copper Lions attached to the weapon I was using.

Speaking of Hetsugigawa, I managed to beat Muneshige after the first bridge by exploiting, well, the bridge. It took a mind-numbingly long time, but I managed. I learned that you could attack the Drillatron's drills as they emerge in Ishigakibaru. One of the reasons why she is so based happens in Mikatagahara. I managed to find the fugitive there. Without Hanzou! Yay! Anyway, Sekigahara: Zero Hour continues to be a pain, again, due to Muneshige and Yoshihiro. It's mostly an oversight, but I like how Tsuruhime's arrows stick to the opponents. Unfortunately, she has the least exciting second outfit, though it looks pretty on her, so no matter.

Currently on Aniki's red route. I'm not ready for the ending of this route help me


  1. JetKinen's Avatar
    Ah yes Aniki.

    He is at his absolute dumbest in this game
    Fun times.