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Nuclear Contemplations

A bump with the wrong crowd.

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Greetings, y'all. It's midnight here in the motherland as of the time of writing, and I'm tabletposting, so forgive my lack of punctuation.

Nii-san still hasn't come home. According to what I've heard from my parents he and an uncle (who drives him to Manila for his internship) were caught in a scrape with a van in EDSA. Apparently the van driver was a jackass and demanded that we pay for the damages sustained to his vehicle, along with the damages to our own car (which is ludicrous). If an agreement isn't reached, well, I've overheard to talk of filing a case in court...

I just hope my brother's okay.


  1. aldeayeah's Avatar
    No mandatory vehicle insurance over there, I guess?

    I hope your brother's OK.
  2. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    Our car's insured. Don't know about the other party, but it probably is too, and the driver's just being salty about things.

    Oh, and nii-san made it back home at around 1:30 earlier.
  3. GhostDIGIT's Avatar
    How is he?
  4. Haseo Nanaya's Avatar
    It is literally always the van's fault. Only truck drivers in japan equal it. Good Luck.
  5. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost132435
    How is he?
    He and my uncle are fine. It's just the car that got scraped.