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Escape from plumbing renovations, week 1

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Soooo... I will be living 10 weeks in my mum's guest room, because I have plumbing renovation in my apartment. I've been here since last Sunday, and it already starts to go on my nerves. Though we haven't had big arguments yet, but... Fortunately she goes early to bed and I stay up late.

I'm also going to Helsinki this weekend (to see Nightwish's gig on Saturday and visit my godson's family on Sunday), so I will have a break. One day alone in a hotel is luxury.

But there is one good thing in my mum's place: she has a sauna!

I went to see my apartment today, and so far they have taken out all stuff from bathroom, taken down my hallway closets and moved my stove. Looked a little bit sad. But it will look sadder soon when they start to take apart walls and drains. ;_;

Updated March 8th, 2012 at 05:35 PM by Gaia