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The Vague Rants of Vagrant


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26 years. 26 goddamn years I've spent winter at home in Tassie.

The one goddamn year I'm gone and snow is fucking everywhere!

Streets are closed, schools are closed, people are having fucking snowball fights and building snowmen and flooding facebook with frankly gorgeous pictures of my home in a way I'll probably never get to see first hand.

Fuck this shit.


  1. Seika's Avatar
    Burn everything down when you get back. That'll show them.
  2. Vagrant's Avatar
    That's uh... rather severe. You psychotic nutcase, you stay away from my home!
  3. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Speaking as a Canadian, snow is vastly overrated.
  4. Char's Avatar
    As a Scot I agree, snow is the worst