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Mining for Bits

How is damage calculated?

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damage for this card = [servantAtk * npDamageMultiplier * (firstCardBonus + (cardDamageValue * (1 + cardMod))) * classAtkBonus * triangleModifier * attributeModifier * randomModifier * 0.23 * (1 + atkMod - defMod) * criticalModifier * extraCardModifier * (1 - specialDefMod) * {1 + powerMod + selfDamageMod + (critDamageMod * isCrit) + (npDamageMod * isNP)} * {1 + ((superEffectiveModifier - 1) * isSuperEffective)}] + dmgPlusAdd + selfDmgCutAdd + (servantAtk * busterChainMod)

* servantAtk = {Your servant's current Atk value}
* classAtkBonus = {class bonus}
* triangleModifier = {triangle bonus}
* attributeModifier = {attribute bonus}

* firstCardBonus = {0.5 if first card is a Buster card, 0 otherwise. No bonus to NPs}
* cardDamageValue
First Second Third
Arts 100% 120% 140%
Buster 150% 180% 210%
Quick 80% 96% 112%
** cardDamageValue for Extra card is 1
** NP cards act as a First card of the appropriate type.
* busterChainMod = {0.2 if it's a Buster card in a Buster Chain, 0 otherwise}
* extraCardModifier = {2 if Extra card in a Brave Chain, 3.5 if Extra card in a Buster/Quick/Arts Brave Chain, 1 if neither}

* randomModifier = {random from 0.9 to 1.1}
* criticalModifier = {2 if crit, 1 if not}

* npDamageMultiplier = {NP's damage multiplier (or 1 if it's not an NP)}
* superEffectiveModifier = {NP super effective modifier}
* isSuperEffective = {1 if the enemy qualifies (via trait or status), 0 otherwise}

For those dumbasses that can't use basic logic, you add up all buffs of a given type before including the term. This obviously means they'll stack additively.
* cardMod = {X% [Card] Power Up/Down}
* atkMod = {X% Attack Up/Down}
* defMod = {X% Defense Up/Down), Def Up (but not Def Down) is skipped if the NP ignores defense}
* specialDefMod = Given to some enemies like Quetz's in Babylon or Gawain in Camelot. Defense Ignore NPs do not bypass this value.
* powerMod = {X% Power Up/Down}
* selfDamageMod = {No buff currently uses this. It's like Power Up but on the enemy's side.}

* isCrit = {1 if crit, 0 otherwise}
* critDamageMod = {X% Critical Damage Up/Down}

* isNP = {1 if NP attack, 0 otherwise}
* npDamageMod = {X% NP Power Up/Down}

* dmgPlusAdd = {X Damage Plus/Minus} // Note the lack of %. Divinity and Waver's 3rd skill, for example.
* selfDmgCutAdd = {X Damage Up/Cut} // Also a straight number. Waver's 2nd skill and Mashu's first, for example.

Remember, 10% = 0.1.
* You'll note Attack and Defense buffs are direct and opposite buffs. +10% attack is straight +10% damage and +10% def is -10% damage.
* [Anti-X] buffs will obviously only count if they match you/the enemy. So Power Up [Anti-Dragon] only works if you're hitting an enemy with the Dragon trait and so on.
* Minimum damage is 1 lol. (But only if Atk > Def)

Updated October 17th, 2017 at 04:17 PM by Kyte



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  1. Skittles's Avatar
    Testing with an Atilla+Kaleidoscope (12236 atk), lvl 2 NP. Lvl 4 Crest of the stars, lvl 4 Charisma (from Gil), Lvl 3 Military Tactics. VS Martha/Boudica, i.e no attribute/class bonuses/penalties
    Using the formula, it simplifies down to:
    12236* 4 * [cardTypeBonus?] * 0.9~1.1 * 0.23 * 1.297 * 1.108 =
    If card type bonus has no effect, expected damage to be in the range of 14560-17795 (Ignoring divinity)
    If card type bonus is 1.5 for Buster, expected damage to be in the range of 21840-26693 (Again, ignoring divinity)
    Damage numbers: 22776, 24003, 23570, 23522, 24124, 24581
    So, yeah. Bonus is probably a thing, despite it being literally impossible according to the formula we have. Maybe they disabled first card bonus/card position bonus, realized it disabled card type bonus too, then fiddled with some other value as a workaround? Could one of the NP-specific modifiers be modified based on card type before getting into the formula?
    I'll do another test with Hassan/Sanson later, as they both have single target NPs, same attribute, same class.

    Another go with Lu Bu vs Benkei:
    damage for this card = 5493(atk) * 9.5(lvl 4 NP) * (cardDamageValue? * (1.1(madenhancement))) * 1.1 * 1.5 * 0.9-1.1* 0.23
    expected damage using formula with 1.5 for card damage value: 29408-35944
    damage: 31499 vs Benkei
    damage: 20809 vs Benkei after he used his def buff
    Def Ignore doesn't seem to be doing anything there :V
    Updated September 19th, 2015 at 05:16 PM by Skittles
  2. PhantasyMind's Avatar
    Hello guys, the 1.1 patch said that they fixed the Def Ignore Bug , so NPs that ignore Def should work in this patch.

    Do you guys find any difference in the damage formula?
  3. Kyte's Avatar
    Give me some time to find things out
  4. PhantasyMind's Avatar
    A quick test from my gameplay

    Nero buffed over 100% defence, so I used my command seals
    In this case, I used Excalibur> UBW > Gae Bolg

    While Excalibur hits 0 damage, UBW had 30000, ignore Def is working for sure.
    Updated September 25th, 2015 at 02:34 AM by PhantasyMind
  5. epherion's Avatar
    Are you sure that Quicks have an 0.8 multiplier? Is it not 0.75? It would fit with the way things go for NP.
    Using AoE Nps as an example:
    Updated October 15th, 2015 at 05:47 PM by epherion
  6. Skittles's Avatar
    How does ignore defense work, exactly? If they have 50% def buffs and 20% def debuffs, will an ignore defense attack take the 20% def debuff into account?
  7. Kyte's Avatar
    it ignores def buffs only
  8. Trubo's Avatar
    Hey Kyte. Any chance you could update the damage formula with what you posted last week? For the most part, I know it's not going to be any difference, but it would be nice to have as a reference.
  9. Kyte's Avatar
    It already is tho.

    I was editing the post as I investigated.
  10. Trubo's Avatar
    Just making sure, NPDamageMultiplier = base NP multiplier + things like Anne & Mary's extra NP damage, correct?
  11. Trubo's Avatar
    Oh, something that I noticed in a video of the Challenge Quest crabs. Apparently the Extra card does not gain the (servantAtk * busterChainMod) bonus even if you do a Buster Brave Chain.
  12. Blaze1759's Avatar
    So I’ve been using this for damage for a while. Still kind of new to this. But I have been wondering two things
    1. How would Musashi’s fifth force skill be put into the formula
    2. And are NP’s affected by the buster chain modifier if used in a BBNPE the NP is a Buster card.
  13. Blaze1759's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze1759
    So Iíve been using this for damage for a while. Still kind of new to this. But I have been wondering two things
    1. How would Musashiís fifth force skill be put into the formula
    2. And are NPís affected by the buster chain modifier if used in a BBNPE the NP is a Buster card.
    nvm I figured out how NPs affects chains. Itís really weird, NPs (no matter the type) break those same card chains, again in a weird way. The Extra card loses its boost from the cards being the same (Like in a BBBE chain) the effect gives the 2 multiplier instead of 3.5 and the NP just doesnít get a boost. But, this is where it gets weird, the Buster cards get their Buster chain bonus, even though the extra card didnít.
    So the BBNE (NP is a Buster card) chain gives a boost to the Buster cards, while BBBE gives a nice boost to all cards. Again weird. Now I just need to do Musashi.
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